Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

So, what did you NOT do this week? And by "not do", I really mean what did you do? If you need to share some embarrassing details with the blogosphere, go ahead and do it and just pretend that you didn't. As MckMama says, it can be highly therapeutic and you know, also really stinkin' funny. So let me tell you what I did not do this week.....

I did not just finish writing thank you notes for wedding presents. That would be embarrassing as it's almost a year later and I have a baby!

I did not get seething mad, in a really probably unholy way in regard to hateful commenters who won't even leave their name. I did not write a post to defend my husband's honor and his pharmacy degree. Also, it wasn't my third post of the day yesterday!

I did not feel like a drug addict the other night when I took the Oxycodin that I didn't need after giving birth but got filled anyway for, oh you know, A HEADACHE!

I did not stuff my bra with Kleneex in the Target parking lot because I forgot to put the pads in my nursing bra. Once inside said Target, I did not drool over the entire Orla Kiely kitchen collection. Because I don't have an obsession with cheap, melamine summer dishes and serveware. Exhibits A and B:

(plastic dishware that I already own)

I did not get super excited about going out to dinner with my girl friends from college two nights in a row. It really wasn't that big a deal, because I'm not severely lacking in adult contact. In fact, when my mom mentioned that 12 hours was too long to be in the house without an adult, I did not get my feelings hurt because I thought she meant "adult supervision" instead of "adult interaction". I didn't have these feelings because 1) I'm super smart and have great communication skills and 2) I'm not ever insecure about having a baby so young (you know I think 24 is young; it's really not).

Also, when I did go to dinner, I did not enjoy the fact that my bff Logan was super protective of me and rebuked Amanda for possibly causing me anxiety by talking about a cadaver funeral.

Finally, I did not turn down a trip to one of my most favorite places ever with some super fun people known as Mickey and Minnie, because I was just to tired to go. I wouldn't be too tired to go, because hey, I'm only a stay at home mom and really my life is easy cheesy. (For the most part it really is; I know I'm super blessed). In fact, I was not so tired this weekend that when carrying an ice tray in one hand and something to heat up in the other, I did not, for about a half second, try to put the ice tray in the microwave.

So, that's it! What did you not do this week?

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Carrie and David said...

This is so funny! I love MckMama. I can relate to so many of your "not me's" :o)