Saturday, May 2, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday (Or You Know, Saturday)--Kitchen Edition


So, I am super excited about this little blog party. It is one I hope I'll be able to participate in weekly. And hopefully, next week I'll be a little more on top of things. Anyway, come on in and let me show you my kitchen.....

First, let me just say, I LOVE our kitchen. It may very well be my favorite room in our house. It is so bright and cheerful. I love that it just say "Wake up and meet the day!". We originally planned to use black, white, and red for our kitchen, but you can see it has a little bit of everything!

This is our fridge, which, as you can see, I like to keep organized. Basically, just a few pictures and an assortment of lists and calenders. I am obsessed with lists; I really like the one that says "Daddy's To-Do List" ;) I also really like the fruit pitchers on top; they were my moms.

This wall has our vintage black and white prints and some photos. I love Audrey and the "Kissing the War Goodbye" print and the two photographs on the top left are of my parents as children (my daddy fishing and my momma drinking lemonade with her kitten). The bottom two are of us at our wedding and us leaving the reception.

I love these canisters; they have chalkboard paint on them and I wrote "flour" and "sugar" and filled them with said ingredients. We also have a little dessert stand and a fun flower tray that can be used when we entertain casually in the summer. And I also enjoy my MacKenzie-Childs salt and pepper shakers. You can see the ingredients for Peyton's cake on display, too.

Our stove, that I don't really like (it's kind of old and just yuck). I have some fun utensils and some party mints in a candy jar. Also, a picture of me and Peyton in a frame he brought me back from a mission trip to Mexico and one of my two recipe boxes.

We have aloe plants by our sink, because Peyton's grandmother used to have them there at her house and would pop one of and rub it on a cut whenever he hurt himself. The funky platter matches the utensils by the stove and there is the other recipe box. I have my dish towels hanging from heart pegs (you can't see them very well) and the measuring spoons Peyton got me for Christmas are there as well!

Alas, more canisters! The tiny pastel ones say "sugar" and "tea" (I really do keep tea bags in it) and the bigger ones are just decorative right now. I also enjoy our red, vintage-inspired, chopping board. And the box that matches the recipe box? It says "Take-Out Menus"--it was a wedding present!

Peyton's wine rack, which I use for cookbooks and pastries, as well!

Our kitchen table.

My friend Sue (whose Daddy is our amazing pediatrician) is a really talented artist and painted these seat cushions.... match these (they were an old shower curtain)
(the doors lead to our sun room)

I'm glad Kelly posted her everyday China, I thought that was a fabulous idea. Our kind of goes with the beach/tropical theme.

Our chandelier. I LOVE this color and the old-fashioned light bulbs. My mom found it at an antique store!

Here is Peyton's "bar". It was an old ice-chest, but my daddy remade it into a cabinet.

This sampler used to be in my grandmother's house. I love it; it's so sweet, and it reminds me of her. She was the best grandmother ever!

Well that's my kitchen. Thanks for visiting!


Ashley said...

Super cute and cheery! :o)

Lynn said...

I love all your canister sets. And the sampler, all things family...they make all spaces warmer.

Carrie and David said...

Cute kitchen! I missed out on the home tour last week, but I may participate this week. Fun times! :o)

LuAnn said...

Hi- Thaks for stopping by my kitchen. I like your kitchen and the old things in it. Really like your picture wall.
See you next weekend for livingrooms

Emily said...

Cute! Funny that we have the same highchair... what part was recalled?