Monday, May 18, 2009

100th Post

This is my 100th post....well mine and Peyton's. So, our blog has reached a milestone!

I feel like everything is happening so fast! I just ordered AP's birth announcements. A little late, I know. But I wanted to find something really special and not spend about a zillion dollars. We got her christening gown that Peyton and his sister both wore, but now we have to get a date on the calender for her baptism. I also bought her first pair of shoes (size 0, too big, gotta go back and get the 00). Side note--I think my days in 00 section are gone forever. Which is really okay; it wasn't an easy size to find! Anyway, she is too big for her premie clothes, but still to small for some of her newborns (she's 6 weeks; she's just still so me she eats a ton, though!).

I installed her monitor (you know, the one that has an alarm that goes off if she stops breathing--I know, I know, I have terrible anxiety) and she is going to move to her room sometime this week :( I also assembled her to-go swing and put the replacement part on her high chair that was recalled (I know we won't need it for awhile but it was too cute to pass on)! Peyton was super proud of me for figuring all that out by myself. I even used my own screwdriver from my little pink tool box!

Minnie (who is pretty big on flattery and now requests that we call her "Skinny Minnie") keeps bugging me to give her dates for another trip to Oxford (I missed the last one) and a sip 'n see she's planning for her friends (I think she was a tad mortified when I brought the little bundle to Batte in her footie pajamas last week.....oh horrors, her first fashion faux pas!) I'm super excited about both; but where does my time keep going??

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Carrie and David said...

Good for you moving her to her room at 6 weeks! I couldn't bring myself to do it until Aubrey was 3 months! David kept saying, "can she sleep in her room tonight?" and I'd say, "tomorrow!" Haha. I have anxiety issues too :/ She was fine when we moved her though, and I think we all slept better! :o)