Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To Charleston We Go

I think I've mentioned it, but my sister has been living in Charleston for the summer and we are going to visit her! I could not be more excited, but I am a little nervous about traveling with the Babykins (btw, Peyton, me, Mickey, Minnie and AP will all be riding in my grandmother's old Buick--I will defiantly be capturing this on film AND video). AP has done GREAT on day trips, but as I mentioned in a previous post, she's been uncharacteristically fussy lately (by this I mean cries a couple a times a day for no apparent reason for no longer than about 15 minutes--really nothing to fret about). Anyway, I think she should be fine, but this is where I told you I'd be enlisting your help again. I've already gotten some great traveling advice from Ashley, but what do the rest of you have to say about traveling with baby on board (btw, still waiting to here about teething....I know I have at least one nurse, one almost denist, and one almost nurse who read as well as a couple of moms and one spouse of a pediatric resident, let me know your secrets, friends!)? The trip is approx. 12 hours by the way! So...

- What do you do about feeding on the way there (would bottles be best? I'm not so into breastfeeding in front of my dad)?
- What should I take (we're for sure taking her travel swing, Pack N Play and baby carrier; Cookie said no stroller), what else?
- Any other traveling tips?

I know I ask ya'll ALL the time for advice. Yesterday, I saw my friend Morgan, who is having a baby is August and I got to be the one to give advice. It was SO much fun to be on that side; I'll have to do a post about my "first three months" advice sometime!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, I decided it was time to play along again....and you should, too! Fess up to all the embarrassing stuff you did this week, just be sure to add "not" to it!

I did not use one of these to clean out under Ann Peyton's fingernails.
That's right--a toothpick. Because how does a little baby (a little, dainty, petite, girl baby) get dirt under her fingernails anyway? And it certainly wasn't Minnie who told me to use this apparatus. And I defiantly did not do it while I was feeding her so that she'd be distracted. Nope, not me.

I did not think the Denver Nuggets were named after chicken nuggets instead of gold nuggets.


I did not feed Annie more table food (Cheese Its and popsicles). I did not refer to it as "table food" like she was a dog.

I did not realize that I was "demand feeding" the kitties (whenever they start meowing, I'd give them more food). Demand feeding your cat makes for one fat pet!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend of Firsts

Our first "first" this weekend was filing the fingernails. I think Ann Peyton's nails must be really weak and slow-growing like mine, because, yes, this is the first time we've done anything to them. Anyway, I finally felt like they needed filing. So, I did it while she was eating! It worked good because she was preoccupied.

Next first (which really isn't a "first" yet): Babykins was drooling everywhere, sucking on her fingers, and howling Friday at Momma and Daddy's. Minnie put her pinky in her mouth and she didn't suck it; she gnawed it. She said she may not actually be cutting any teeth yet, but she is defiantly having "teething issues". She has been drooling quite a bit and she's been unusually fussy, but I dismissed it because she's not even three months old and I've been reading several blogs with babies teething, so I was sure it was my imagination. Anyway, I looked it up and apparently they can teeth anywhere between one month and eighteen months (or be born with one or two)-who knew? I guess we'll just see where it goes.

Finally, this weekend was supposed to be her first birthday party--one of Peyton's tech's little girl was turning two. But we could not find their house! So, it was her first trip to Renaissance. I wanted something from Barnes and Noble and Peyton wanted to go by the Apple store, so we just got a milkshake, walked around and enjoyed the sunshine!

Today, we went to The Pointe to church so we could hear our friend Morgan preach and then I went to a baby shower for Morgan....fun day!

Okay, one more thing: ya'll were so super with the cooking post, I thought I'd ask all you Mommas for advice about teething. We got some ambosal from the Rite Aid (which she hates because it's minty) and I've given her baby Tylenol and that seems to help. What else? We have some teething toys I've been freezing, but really she just prefers to gnaw on her hand!

P.S. Jamie, if you know something about teething, please tell me (or anybody else), it doesn't really matter to me (or Ann Peyton) if you're a mom
P.S.S. Stay tuned--I'll be enlisting ya'lls help later this week
P.S.S.S. Ya'll please pray for us--we have some big decisions right now. I can't really say anything (I know that's so annoying, I'm sorry, I HATE it when people do that), but I promise I will when I can. Thanks so much!

This weeks family photo--AP's eye's look a little crazy!

Memo to Me--Take It Easy

Don't you love that song by the Eagles, "Take It Easy?"

For some reason, I got this image in my head the other day. I am awful about stressing over my to-do list, even though I know the only person who ever finishes their to-do list every day is God...I read that somewhere and I love that quote. Anyway, the image was of me as an old lady on my deathbed with a huge pile of magazines and books, my email and Google Reader open, and a list of chores to accomplish...before I died. I know that sounds really morbid, but I think maybe it was the Lord's way of saying "just chill out--enjoy your family, relax and soak up my love and your husband's, really just bask in this time with your daughter, cherish this season of her life because it will never come again". I mean really why do I have to finish such and such book by such and such date or read EVERY article in EVERY magazine (well because I'm OCD, I guess), why do I have to read every post on every blog I follow or every devotional email I subscribe to? I don't; and maybe this week I won't!

Em In Pursuit
Go on, click on it and check it out....I think this Momma is onto something!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Checking Things Off and Getting Things Checked

Well, everyone just seems to be falling off the planet these days...what with Michael and Farrah? But I haven't gone anywhere, don't worry! Just a side note: I told Peyton that if Jim Bob (Duggar) ever left Michelle my world would end. He told me not to worry, if Jim Bob ever left Michelle the world would end--first sign of the Apocalypse: Jim Bob deserts his family.

Peyton has been of work since Wednesday and I've had a surprisingly productive last couple of days....usually when he's off, I tend to goof around with him and get less done. But this week, we got the car checked for the upcoming trip, General and Darth checked by the vet during their yearly checkup, and I got a few other important items checked off my to-do list. Man, all that checking feels so good!

Peyton was supposed to go to a vaccination class in Montgomery yesterday and today, but it got cancelled so AP and I got/get to have daddy home from Thursday until the end of the weekend...what a treat! Anyway, Wednesday was pretty uneventful. AP and I stayed home ALL DAY! I was so excited when she got her shots that we'd be able to get out more, but seriously, I think I need one day a week where I'm home all day and just accomplish things. Anyway, my precious friend Morgan has a Bible study on Wednesday nights and I really should have gone, but I just wanted the whole day at home, period. And I did get alot done. For one thing, I actually made supper, I cooked the poppy-seed chicken casserole from this cookbook

Thanks Carrie for the suggestion!

On Thursday, Peyton was off and we did a few errands, but mostly just hung around the house and tried to get some stuff done. I did some laundry and ironing, changed sheets, cleaned out the fridge and worked on the finances (did I tell ya'll that Sweetums decided he trusted me enough to turn the finances over to me? it really makes sense because I like organizational things more than he does and I have lots more time). It was good I got so much done these past couple of days, because we've been out and about today and will be more this weekend.

Today we got up early (8ish) to drop the kitties off and take my car to get a "trip check" and then we went by my parents' house. We tried some clothes on Ann Peyton and visited with Momma (she's been out of town with her girlfriends so I hadn't seen her in awhile) and then left AP with her to do a few more errands, pick up the kitties, run home for lunch and to get a few things, and run back. We picked up Minnie and AP, went by the Waterford (the retirement home) to see my grandmother and picked up the car. On the way home, we stopped by the Rite Aid and Ann Peyton got to meet Lindy, Peyton's partner, for the first time! What a day! Then back to my parents for some lazing around in the hammock, strolling, and snacking until it was time for Red Beans and Rice....I'm going to sleep good tonight!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday- Master Bedrooms

This week Kelly is doing Master bedroom tours. Come on in!

This is the view from the door. I love our new curtains....one of my mom's very talented friends made them for us and I think they are very elegant the way they fall.

We bought this armoire at an antique store....it was a steal! There is a TV in it and it holds most of Peyton's clothes (some are in the closet in his study), as I took over the ENTIRE master closet...oops! I love the color of the pottery on top. The swirly one and the vase beside it are both Gail Pittman pieces (so sad that era is over). The one with the ferns in it is actually a wastebasket (aka trash can) from Bed, Bath and Beyond. And I thought the little colorful boxes added a nice touch.

This is AP's bassinet. A friend of my mom's loaned it to us and it is beautiful! It's usually by our bed.

Our dresser used to belong to my grandmother, "Bump", as did much of the furniture in our house.

A closer view of the dresser. The canvas was my birthday present from my best friend, Logan. The tray, bird and thing in the back holding Peyton's necklaces are all Gail Pittman as well. The tray also has a picture of me and Daddy (it has been in my bedroom in that frame since I was a little girl) and a couple of frog trinket boxes (I really love frog stuff!!).

This lamp was also Bump's....I like it because it seems very vintage. The little powder box is another Gail Pittmas peice (I kind of bought out the outlet when I heard it was closing) and the the box in the middle was a Christmas present to Peyton from my parents.

I framed these pictures that Peyton's brother Michal took when Ann Peyton was about a week old. I know they are kind of hard to see because they are black and white. I love the uniqueness of these....Michal really has a gift!

Another thing from Bumps....I like the retro feel of this loveseat. The big bin holds magazines and the small one holds other miscellaneous stuff.

This is Peyton's night stand....sorry for the not great picture quality. The picture is of me when I was in kindergarten--I have a very concerned, concentrated look on my face and he loved the picture because I have that same look so often now.

I would love so much to have a king size bed, but it just isn't practical in this room. And apparently a queen is only six inches wider (my mom measured the mattresses at Batte), so here is our double bed. Peyton is an amazing husband, but a less amazing bedmate; think diagonal sleeper, haha!

This is my vanity; it belonged to Peyton's parents.

Here is a closer look at the vanity. On the left is a funky little lipstick/mascara holding girl of my moms, my favorite Channel perfume that Peyton got me as a "push present", some cotton balls in a little coconut bowl from our honeymoon and some q-tips. On the right is my clock, lamp, a little dish, and of course the baby monitor (it just happens to match; I got it because it has an alarm that goes off if she quits breathing). And in the middle is all my makeup/nail polish/lotion/other beauty junk.

My mom fixed this little chair up to go with the dressing table. The chair "skirt" was an actual skirt! She rigged it up with the bow using rubberbands, very DIY, but she's like that (I want to be!).

I LOVE frames like this! Mickey and AP on top; Peyton and I at a Crawfish Boil celebrating our engagement.

We found this dresser that matches the vanity at an antique store....what a find! The basket beside it holds more magazines. The picture above is of Fondren, a really neat area in Jackson, and was painted by Peyton's sister's husband, Daniel.

Here's a closer look at the dresser. Another piece of pottery and a beautiful McCarty bunny from my sweet friend, Sue. The pictures are (L to R): Logan and I at my bridesmaid luncheon (sorry for the glare), Momma before I was born, and me and Peyton at his sister's wedding.

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for....the closet!

Summer clothes....I know, I have a problem; I really haven't gotten rid of anything since 9th grade (okay, not much)!

This piece was also Peyton's parents and matches the vanity and dresser. I put it in the closet for extra storage for bras and panties and tank tops and such.

More storage

I love this shoe rack from Target!

Well, that's it friends! Thanks for stoppping by!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Help!!! (Blog Question)

Can ya'll tell me what gadget to use to make the "about me" appear on the my actual blog? I tried "profile" and that didn't work.....help!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Far This Week and an Addendum to My Father's Day Post

So far this week has been no less exciting and fun than any other week since AP was born. It's been great, but I am exhausted for no seemingly no reason and have gotten next to nothing done. I think part of the exhaustion has to do with only sleeping four hours Saturday night (you know, trying to get more than "next to nothing" done) and a tiring Sunday night as well. I should have taken a nap on Sunday, but I didn't. I used to be such a nap person--I took a nap probably 90% of my days in college--but I just can't seem to anymore. Anyway, by Sunday night, I was feeling awful--dizzy, nauseated, and with a headache that had me thinking maybe I should take the oxycodone again. And Ann Peyton decided to break her several week stretch of sleeping upwards of eight hours and wake up several times throughout the night. Anyway, I slept ALOT last night, but I always feel the worst the second day after a bad night's sleep.

Monday was fun. Peyton went to a movie with Joseph (his brother) and then we went out to eat (we did good with the budget--split something at Newks) with some friends who had some exciting news to share with us!! That kind of made the Jon and Kate thing easier to handle. Then Ellis came over for awhile and him and Peyton went out for a little bit to talk about "man stuff". Yesterday was pretty laid back. My friend, Sarah Ashley, who lives in Texas now, came by to meet Ann Peyton and then Peyton, Ann Peyton and I went to an antique shop (to look at a chess set my mom found for Peyton) and then went to Sonic for a snack. Then we spent a LONG time setting up our family budget for this year. Today, I am staying home all day and hoping to get a few things done.

And here is my addendum to the Father's Day post(s). I neglected to mention to other VERY important men in my life.

My father-in-law. Peyton's dad is amazing. He is such a big teddy bear! He always makes me feel so welcome at their house; whenever we come by he jumps up and asks what I want to drink/eat. And he ADORES Ann Peyton.

And PopPop, Peyton's grand daddy, who is like my grand daddy now. He used to always fuss at Peyton for picking on me. He and Granny just make me feel so loved....I am so blessed that they really are like my real grandparents.

In Which I Blather Incessantly About the Moral Decline of America as Seen On Television....

...until my head spins off. TV just has me sick lately. Here's why:

Jon and Kate
(I won't even dignify this and Say "Plus Eight", because really, who is this show really about now anyway?)

Okay, I'll address the superficial first....Jon, you got both your ears pierced and look like you've been to the tanning bed. If this was the only way you were trying to recapture your youth, I wouldn't even be talking about this, really I could give less of a rip how many piercings you decide to get, but I think it denotes a much larger issue. Look, you are a dad, (even if you are only 32), not the surfer-dude-beachbunnyloving cool guy you think you are. Now to the important stuff. I need to revise my previous J&K+8 post to say Jon needs to grow a pair about as much as Kate needs to loose them. Here is what gets me--I hate divorce, it's an ugly, painful thing. I think people dodge the issue too much. It is easy in my church to say you hate abortion, or premarital sex or gay marriage, but you say you hate divorce and you step on some toes. Anyway, divorce is a terrible thing. But if you're going to do it fine. But don't say you are doing it FOR your kids. I was livid when I heard that; I looked at Peyton and I said "that is bull crap" (except those weren't my exact words)*. I mean really, you do not end your marriage for your kids. You do it for yourself. And even if you are doing it "for the kids", that doesn't trumph a vow before God (espessially one you just renewed, good gosh, don't even get me started on the irony of that). Seriously, TLC needs to spend their money on a Weekend to Remember Conference for Jon and Kate, instead of crooked houses. But that wouldn't garner quite the same ratings would it?

Army Wives
Also, I haven't watched Army Wives yet (yesterday was busier than I anticipated) but I have a feeling Frank and Denise's marriage is about to dissolve, as well. Why? Because she cheated. Yes, I know it's not real, but it still makes me sad. It reminds me of the time in college when my friends and our were all sitting around, eating cinnamon rolls and watching Grey's Anatomy (some of my favorite college memories were of doing this) and George and Izzie are having sex. And I am so upset, because, you know, he's married. And my friends are all "But Callie's no good for him; Izzie's the one he's sopposed to be with" and I'm all "It doesn't matter; he's married" and they're all "It's just a show, Sarah Denley" and I'm all "If it's just a show, who even cares if he's with who he's sopposed to be with?" and because this is my blog, I'll leave it with me having the last word.

Anyway, all this to say, tv is making me sad. And because I don't think it's a smart idea to have a "sad tv" day, like my "sad blog day", I'm even more seriously considering just being done with it. As much as I love the dvr, in an effort to save money, I told Peyton I was considering getting rid of it. I mean most of the shows I like are on Netflix, anyway. I told him, though, that this was a "fourth baby situation"--that is what we say when something isn't for sure because we know we want at least three children and Peyton says maybe four, but don't hold him to it. So anytime I think something but don't want him to hold me to it I saw "this is like the fourth baby". Although, last night he did say we could maybe have six or seven.....I think Darth put weed in his brownies (just kidding, I didn't make brownies, I made pudding, and Darth isn't smart enough to get weed in the pudding). Not going to get rid of it yet, but I did move "Little House on the Priarie" to the top of the queue on Netflix.

* Peyton is thinking about giving the blog address to Granny and PopPop, so I guess I'll have to edit my blog and not use semi-colorful language, or make thinly veiled references to Jon and Kate's anatomy, or post pictures of the condom aisle.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lazing Around

We had a pretty lazy weekend, me and Ann Peyton that is; Daddy had to go to work ;) The highlights of the weekend were having Beans and Rice with Mickey and Minnie on Friday and going for a stroll as with Peyton and AP on Saturday. I tried to get some stuff done around here while Peyton was at work and I did manage to accomplish a few things:
- wrote and addressed more thankyous
- changed the sheets on our bed
- uploaded some pictures
- made laundry detergent
- did a few loads of laundry
- spent time reading, strolling, singing, and playing with AP
- worked on the finances some
- cleaned out the fridge, washed dishes and made a MEAL PLAN for next week

Yesterday, we went to early church because Peyton had to work and because it was Jim's (our now former associate pastor who Peyton is close friends with) last day before moving full time to the Point--our church's church plant. His sermon was FABULOUS and Peyton and I both almost cried several times. AP almost slept the whole time and when she did wake up she just looked around. Taking her is so easy....getting ready is another story. We were defiantly not on time! Sunday afternoon/night we celebrated Father's day with Peyton's parents and my parents. Here is what I got my dad for Father's Day:

I guess it's as much of a present for AP as it is for him....but it's so neat. It asks about his favorite music as a "young man" and about his childhood and other memories

and here is what I got Peyton

He was so impressed with Daddy's present, I got him his own. I really think he'll enjoy it!http://www.mobipocket.com/eBooks/cover_remote/ID3649/coverRooseveltChildrenLetters.jpg
Recently, he's become obsessed with these "manly blogs", like Building Camelot. I think it's really good, because they are all about helping men be great men/husbands/fathers. Anyway, he was reading some quotes by Teddy Roosevelt a couple of weeks ago. Well, when I saw this on a Father's Day gift ideas list, I knew it would be perfect! AP was in her bouncy seat this morning and I put it (sort of) in her hands and had him come see it (he doesn't like me using wrapping paper--NOT ANOTHER TREE--on him) so I had to be creative!
Anyway, we had a good Father's Day. Peyton told me Father's Day is more important to him than his birthday. He said he didn't realize it would be so special and he was sorry he didn't make a bigger deal out of Mother's Day this year. I don't really care; I'm just so glad it matters to him and is so important to him--he said being a husband/father is his most important job right now. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who has his priorities in order. It was very emotional when all the fathers stood up at church and I saw Peyton stand up. I know he isn't perfect, but I also know he will be such an example to Annie of her Heavenly Father.

I can't wait Army Wives--I put it on the DVR and was just to tired to watch when I got home! It is defiantly my favorite show right now! I don't know it's kind of over the top dramatic and soap opera-y sometimes, but I enjoy it. It deals with alot of issues and I like it alot more than Grey's Anatomy (it's from the makers of Grey's)--I just stopped watching that when it become all ERish and had all these ridiculous freak accidents and visitors from the dead...no thanks! Anyway, I think I'm going to cry when Joan has to leave her baby, Sarah Elizabeth (with a double name, no less!) and go to Iraq.

One more thing....I really need to just stop talking about it, but I was thinking today that I am kind of glad April Rose was fake. The last thing I need right now is another sad blog to follow. I read some of these sad things and I just get myself all worked up. It's really not good for a person with anxiety, like me. Peyton keeps tell me I need to delete them, but they're just so inspiring. I mean sometimes you get tired of reading mommy blogs about painting cabinets, and playing checkers, and doing laundry, and waiting in the carpool line (look, I know that's the kind of thing I blog about) and you want something of a little more substance. But sometimes, it's too much and I just collapse into a puddle of tears. And I think they make me worry more about Ann Peyton, which I do enough of. Anyway, I've come up with a new plan. I know this is weird, okay? I created a new folder in my Reader called "Sad Blogs" and I'm only going to let myself read the blogs in it, say, every other week. That way I can have one good cry and be done with it. Am I loosing my mind?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goals List- #54 (Spend at Least Two Hours a Day Totally Focused on Ann Peyton))

So, I had so much fun writing about cooking and got such great responses, I decided it was already time for another post about a goal--this time it's for another goal from my 101 Goals List. This time it's#54- Spend at least two hours daily totally focused on
playing with her/holding her
. According to the goals list, I have done this 73 times (not counting this week). Pretty good (This is the ONLY goal I've met every day!). I will go ahead and say no, I don't tally up exactly how many minutes a day I spend focused on my daughter, I just estimate as best I can. I am OCD, but not that OCD! Moving right along....

One of the best things I did to make sure I was spending enough quality time with her is that when she was born I promised myself and her I would do my best not to have any distractions-computer, tv, phone, books for me, ect,-when I feed her. Nursing is so special and I didn't want her (or me) to miss out on anything. I defiantly slip sometimes, but this has been so good for both of us!

I've been talking to her alot more lately. She is so much more interactive! Sometimes I read to her. Sometimes I sing to her. Sometimes I talk to her and just say stupid stuff and make funny faces so she'll smile. Sometimes I pray for her out loud. Sometimes I tell her special things, like how much we love her and what a precious gift she is. Sometimes I talk to her like she's a grown up; like, I tell her about what Cookie is doing in Charleston and how I'm worried about her being homesick or how we're trying to save money to ensure our family has more security--I know this is crazy.

I'm also trying to have more physical contact with her. I mean I LOVE snuggling with her, but we are bad about putting her in her swing. She's just so happy in it and I can actually get SOMETHING done. But when I'm on the computer or something, I really like to just wedge her in on the couch beside me.

Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy Ever

My dad is such a great guy. He is just amazing. When I was younger, I wrote a paper about how he was my hero. I really need to find that. He did so many great things for me growing up. He told fabulous make-believe stories that he came up with. He played silly games with me and Cookie. He came home from work when I tried to run away (that's a great story, but I'll save it for later). He videotaped what seemed like the majority of our childhood (and videoing was not so easy back then). He worked so hard to provide for us--he paid for private school, tons of clothes and other stuff, trips, cars, and a really nice wedding. He was always consoling me about something during my teenage years. When Peyton and I broke up for a little while, I went out with my friends for a "girls night". When their boyfriends showed up, he came and got me. He teared up (the second time I've seen him do that) at our rehearsal dinner and he gave the most fabulous toast.
Me and Daddy playing in the leaves

Daddy and I right before the wedding

Ann Peyton with her Mickey

Happy Father's Day to the Best Papa Ever!

Peyton wants to be called Papa, instead of Daddy. I think she'll call him Daddy some to, but whatever. It's his day and I'm going to call him whatever he wants to be called.

Peyton is such an AMAZING father. He adores Ann Peyton and is so sweet to her. He talks to her in this gooby voice I had never heard before. He cried when he heard her cry for the first time. He plays with her and makes her smile SO big. He tells me to drive carefully because I've got "his little girl" with me. He tells her all the time when he changes her diaper not to let any boys down there! He takes her for strolls with me. He picks her up first thing when he walks in the door. He calls her "the baby Annie". He loves it when we have a bottle left over from something so he can feed her. He burps her and he rocks to her. He sings to her. He is such a great father and I am so blessed!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

25 Random Things--#3 (Hymns)


So after my post earlier today, I decided it was time to do post #3 in my series 25 Random Things. Here is number three:

3. I LOVE hymns. I just really prefer them to most contemporary Christian music.

I just adore a good old hymn. As you can see from my playlist, there is some praise/worship music I really love, but for the most part I'd pick a hymn any day. And most of the worship songs that I like are more slow and hymn-like, anyway. I don't know, I just can't handle a worship service that feels more like a concert than anything else. It's not that I'm theologically opposed to it (although I do feel for the most part hymns have ALOT more doctrinal substance to them); it's just not my taste. Which is why our time at the Point (our church's church plant where half of our young adult Sunday school class now goes) finally came to an end. Anyway, this post wouldn't be complete without another list, would it? So here are a few of my favorite hymns in no particular order:

Come Thou Fount (we sung this at our wedding and I love David Crowder's verison--see I do like some contemporary music)
Oh, for A Thousand Tongues to Sing
Rise Up, Oh Men of God
God of Our Fathers
Amazing Grace
(adore it and the story behind the song writer, although it does tend to remind me of funerals)
How Firm a Foundation
(also at our wedding--the songs were VERY important to me)
Be Thou My Vision (again at our wedding and at Bump's funeral, I LOVE this song; Van Morrision sings a particularly beautiful version)
Christ the Lord is Risen Today!
(great Easter song)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
(great Good Friday song)
Rejoice, the Lord is King!
Let Us Break Bread Together
(favorite communion song)
Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
Happy the Home When God Is There
(so perfect, my heart swells)
For All The Saints
(reminds me of Chapel at when I was in elementary school at Saint Andrew's)
Stand Up, Stand Up, For Jesus
I Sing A Song of the Saints of God
(another good SA song)
Simple Gifts/Lord of the Dance
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Softly and Tenderly
(weird, I know, but I love how Elvis sings this one...sooo southern)
Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior
I Come to the Garden Alone
(describes such a personal relationship with the God of the universe)
What a Friend We Have In Jesus
*This list is by no means exhaustive. And I purposely did not include any Christmas Carols or Patriotic songs found in the hymnal, because the list would be out of control!
Anyway, I just love beautiful hymns and the stories that show the rich heritage behind them. I can't wait to teach them to Ann Peyton!

What Brings You Happiness, Comfort, or Solace?

What a question, huh?

For some reason, topics of this nature have been coming up on alot of blogs I read and in my quite time I recently read this while sitting under a shady tree (how cool to be reading about refreshing times from the Lord, while experiencing it). Angie just asked her readers where they sought solace and comfort in this post and got lots of great feedback. Tara recently did a meme about "Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy" and Ashley listed 100 things that make her happy. I love all these ideas! You know I'm all about a list, friends, and I think it is so good for our souls to determine the things that refresh us and then carve out time to actually do them. So, I decided to complete the meme and list a few things that bring me solace. Also, I totally plan on listing my 100 things, but that is another post!

Here are my six unimportant things that make me happy:
1. Coca Cola
2. Red Beans and Rice EVERY Friday night with my parents
4. snail mail
5. comments on my blog
6. seeing Ann Peyton smile when her Daddy talks to her in a funny voice (actually, that is not unimportant, so I kind of cheated!)

and here are a couple of things that I find solace in:
  • This wonderful devotion book by Max Lucado--LOVE him. I love sitting in my sunroom with a glass of juice or tea and reading the morning part!
  • And this beautiful song that I could (and usually do) listen to at least once a day
There are plenty more and I may end up making a BIG list of both of these in addition to the happiest list; haha, if you are not a "list person" you should probably NEVER come back to my blog again! Anyway, I don't tag people much anymore, but I'd love to hear what inspires ya'll or brings you solace and what "unimportant" (or important) things make you happy....so leave a comment if you'd like, or do a whole post about it if you want and let me know you did it! I'm not going to be crushed if I get 0 responses, but I will make Peyton do a guest post about his!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So Sad

So, Peyton told me last night that in all likelihood, Jon and Kate are going to get a divorce, or so his Newser says. I am so distraught. I really haven't been watching like I used to. For one thing, the whole things just upsets me too much and for another, I honestly don't think it's as interesting as it used to be. I mean what was cool was watching them do normal things with a ton of kids. I found it fascinating to watch them pass the banana around, each child getting a bite, until they went through like ten bananas. I loved watching them load them all in the car for church. It was fun to see them make the most of the limited space in their average sized house. But I don't really care about Kate getting her teeth whitened or Jon's hairplugs or another ski vacation or getting solar panels.

Anyway, I do want to say one thing. Hear me first, NO ONE deserves to be cheated on, or run around on, or whatever. Nobody should be out partying with coeds with one kid (or wife) at home, let alone EIGHT! But, I swear, I wouldn't talk to my CATS the way she talks to her husband. And she was still doing it at the little kids' birthday party. Good grief, as Charlie Brown would say.

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Laundry Rooms

So this week Kelly (the button wouldn't work this week) is having us show our laundry rooms, playrooms, or bonus rooms. Out of these the only one I qualify for is the laundry room, haha! So here are some shots of my lovely laundry room

The main attraction. Our washer and dryer were so old (they were Peyton's sisters husbands and I think they were someone else's before that)! They really were probably close to twenty years old. I had to dry everything twice the dryer was so bad. So, we needed a new washer and dryer anyway and when my green freak environmentally conscious husband suggested we do cloth diapering, I saw a great deal to be made! Yes, I bargained and got these great appliances by agreeing to use reusable diapers. It really isn't as bad as it sounds and I've started to believe in it more myself...but that's a post in itself. The front loaders work great with homemade laundry detergent, too! I sound like a hippie, haha!

This is where the diapers go. We use the "dry pail" method. This thing is really made for disposables, but it serves it's purpose nicely (it was given to us).

These brightly colored accessories were in mine and Logan's dorm room. I use the hangers for clothes that I don't want to dry in the machine and the magnetic strips hold reminders of doctor's appointmensts, showers, ect.

The clock is another thing from the dorm room collection. I saved it to use in AP's room one day, but for now it's fun to brighten up the laundry room. This picture also shows our laundry baskets and Ann Peyton's high chair, which she is obviously not using yet, but I insisted we go ahead and get because it was so cute and such a good deal. Funny that it matches the laundry baskets. Also, another little decorative item (the blue and green box) that I couldn't use anywhere else.

Another picture I didn't have room for anywhere else and a table for laundry.

This is Darth and General's eating station (like their rug?) and the middle shelf is where Peyton composts. OH MY GOSH, this room makes us look like such tree huggers. I don't seem like one in real life, I promise! I love air conditioners and SVUs and bottled water; I am so not "back to nature"!

Some fun summer stuff from Target, Christmas china, ice buckets, and outdoor tablecloths.

Recycling--I hope he's embarrassed I put it on the blog; it really needs to be taken care of! Just kidding, honey!

Bulletin board that I'm planning on painting and adding little quotes and things to--I'll post a picture when I finish it.

This is a list of my daily/weekly/monthly goals from my 101 in 1001 goals list. I was rewriting every week, but it made more sense to just write them once and erase the tally marks, so I laminated a piece of paper and use a dry erase marker.

This was an entertainment center, but now I use it to organize cleaning supplies, food, and for our microwave.

Door to the backyard and General and Darth's door.

My apron collection--I absolutely LOVE aprons. They motivate me to cook!

My new Orla Kiely tray I just got from Target. It's very retro!

Thanks for stopping by!