Saturday, June 20, 2009

25 Random Things--#3 (Hymns)

So after my post earlier today, I decided it was time to do post #3 in my series 25 Random Things. Here is number three:

3. I LOVE hymns. I just really prefer them to most contemporary Christian music.

I just adore a good old hymn. As you can see from my playlist, there is some praise/worship music I really love, but for the most part I'd pick a hymn any day. And most of the worship songs that I like are more slow and hymn-like, anyway. I don't know, I just can't handle a worship service that feels more like a concert than anything else. It's not that I'm theologically opposed to it (although I do feel for the most part hymns have ALOT more doctrinal substance to them); it's just not my taste. Which is why our time at the Point (our church's church plant where half of our young adult Sunday school class now goes) finally came to an end. Anyway, this post wouldn't be complete without another list, would it? So here are a few of my favorite hymns in no particular order:

Come Thou Fount (we sung this at our wedding and I love David Crowder's verison--see I do like some contemporary music)
Oh, for A Thousand Tongues to Sing
Rise Up, Oh Men of God
God of Our Fathers
Amazing Grace
(adore it and the story behind the song writer, although it does tend to remind me of funerals)
How Firm a Foundation
(also at our wedding--the songs were VERY important to me)
Be Thou My Vision (again at our wedding and at Bump's funeral, I LOVE this song; Van Morrision sings a particularly beautiful version)
Christ the Lord is Risen Today!
(great Easter song)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
(great Good Friday song)
Rejoice, the Lord is King!
Let Us Break Bread Together
(favorite communion song)
Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
Happy the Home When God Is There
(so perfect, my heart swells)
For All The Saints
(reminds me of Chapel at when I was in elementary school at Saint Andrew's)
Stand Up, Stand Up, For Jesus
I Sing A Song of the Saints of God
(another good SA song)
Simple Gifts/Lord of the Dance
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Softly and Tenderly
(weird, I know, but I love how Elvis sings this one...sooo southern)
Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior
I Come to the Garden Alone
(describes such a personal relationship with the God of the universe)
What a Friend We Have In Jesus
*This list is by no means exhaustive. And I purposely did not include any Christmas Carols or Patriotic songs found in the hymnal, because the list would be out of control!
Anyway, I just love beautiful hymns and the stories that show the rich heritage behind them. I can't wait to teach them to Ann Peyton!

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