Friday, June 26, 2009

Checking Things Off and Getting Things Checked

Well, everyone just seems to be falling off the planet these days...what with Michael and Farrah? But I haven't gone anywhere, don't worry! Just a side note: I told Peyton that if Jim Bob (Duggar) ever left Michelle my world would end. He told me not to worry, if Jim Bob ever left Michelle the world would end--first sign of the Apocalypse: Jim Bob deserts his family.

Peyton has been of work since Wednesday and I've had a surprisingly productive last couple of days....usually when he's off, I tend to goof around with him and get less done. But this week, we got the car checked for the upcoming trip, General and Darth checked by the vet during their yearly checkup, and I got a few other important items checked off my to-do list. Man, all that checking feels so good!

Peyton was supposed to go to a vaccination class in Montgomery yesterday and today, but it got cancelled so AP and I got/get to have daddy home from Thursday until the end of the weekend...what a treat! Anyway, Wednesday was pretty uneventful. AP and I stayed home ALL DAY! I was so excited when she got her shots that we'd be able to get out more, but seriously, I think I need one day a week where I'm home all day and just accomplish things. Anyway, my precious friend Morgan has a Bible study on Wednesday nights and I really should have gone, but I just wanted the whole day at home, period. And I did get alot done. For one thing, I actually made supper, I cooked the poppy-seed chicken casserole from this cookbook
Thanks Carrie for the suggestion!

On Thursday, Peyton was off and we did a few errands, but mostly just hung around the house and tried to get some stuff done. I did some laundry and ironing, changed sheets, cleaned out the fridge and worked on the finances (did I tell ya'll that Sweetums decided he trusted me enough to turn the finances over to me? it really makes sense because I like organizational things more than he does and I have lots more time). It was good I got so much done these past couple of days, because we've been out and about today and will be more this weekend.

Today we got up early (8ish) to drop the kitties off and take my car to get a "trip check" and then we went by my parents' house. We tried some clothes on Ann Peyton and visited with Momma (she's been out of town with her girlfriends so I hadn't seen her in awhile) and then left AP with her to do a few more errands, pick up the kitties, run home for lunch and to get a few things, and run back. We picked up Minnie and AP, went by the Waterford (the retirement home) to see my grandmother and picked up the car. On the way home, we stopped by the Rite Aid and Ann Peyton got to meet Lindy, Peyton's partner, for the first time! What a day! Then back to my parents for some lazing around in the hammock, strolling, and snacking until it was time for Red Beans and Rice....I'm going to sleep good tonight!

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Carrie said...

Yay for cooking! We love that poppyseed chicken at our house. It's one of my go-to recipes :o)