Sunday, June 28, 2009

Memo to Me--Take It Easy

Don't you love that song by the Eagles, "Take It Easy?"

For some reason, I got this image in my head the other day. I am awful about stressing over my to-do list, even though I know the only person who ever finishes their to-do list every day is God...I read that somewhere and I love that quote. Anyway, the image was of me as an old lady on my deathbed with a huge pile of magazines and books, my email and Google Reader open, and a list of chores to accomplish...before I died. I know that sounds really morbid, but I think maybe it was the Lord's way of saying "just chill out--enjoy your family, relax and soak up my love and your husband's, really just bask in this time with your daughter, cherish this season of her life because it will never come again". I mean really why do I have to finish such and such book by such and such date or read EVERY article in EVERY magazine (well because I'm OCD, I guess), why do I have to read every post on every blog I follow or every devotional email I subscribe to? I don't; and maybe this week I won't!

Em In Pursuit
Go on, click on it and check it out....I think this Momma is onto something!

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