Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goals List- #40 (Cook Supper at Least Three Times a Week)

So I think it's time for a post about another one of my goals from the goals list, you know since one of the goals is to blog about every one of them (#95). I choose #40, which is cook supper at least three times a week. I chose it because these past couple of weeks have been my most successful cooking weeks so far!

First, let me tell you that according to the list I have cooked dinner seven times for my family since Feb. 1 of this year. That can't be right! No, seriously though, I promise I have cooked more than that, I just haven't been the best at keeping up with it. And if I don't know for sure I did something I don't count it, so if at the end of the week I know I cooked two meals, but think I cooked three, I'm going to put down two. Because it might compromise my integrity to put three, haha just kidding.

Also, I will say in my defense, some of the reasons I end up not cooking are circumstantial. For one thing people have been super generous about bringing us food since AP came. Also, we eat Red Beans and Rice with my parents almost EVERY Friday night and we usually end up going out or eating with either mine or Peyton's parent's another night a week. And then there's the every crazy weirdness of Peyton's schedule (he works 12 hour days--3 off, 2 on, 2 off, 3 on; it's like alot of nurse's schedules). Anyway, on the days he works he doesn't get home until between 9:15-9:45. So we end up eating at like 10:00, which is fine, but alot of times he's not to hungry from eating at work (he eats a sorta half meal- leftovers, basically- that I pack for him, with his lunch around 6:00 or so and I've eaten so many snacks trying to tied myself over that all we really want is a sand witch or cereal (and I'm not going to count fixing a bowl of cereal as making supper; I won't hesitate to call it at "cooking" a grilled cheese or microwaving a potato, haha). But I digress.

Some of it is just plain me being lazy :( I mean I would love to be a June Cleaver, Laura Petrie, Susie Homemaker and Minnie says I am getting more domestic, but....sometimes I feel like COOKING IS THE BAIN OF MY EXISTENCE It's just a "chore" I find particularly hard. Anyway....

Last week and this week I've done pretty good as far as the cooking goes. Last week I cooked dinner TWO DAYS IN A ROW (a first in our marriage and my life)--spaghetti one night and Italian Chicken the next. Since there's just two of us (well I like to think AP enjoyed both via the breastmilk) those had us tied over for a few days. I also "cooked" for Mike and Tara--chicken salad, pasta salad, and cookies. And I "cooked" for Elizabeth's shower--balled melons for a fruit salad. Then this week I cooked asparagus and baked some catfish, using an easy recipe from my friend Morgan. Wow for me; I'm making (some) progress.

So, I'm going to end this with two questions:
1. How often do ya'll cook dinner (if it's 7 nights a week, just don't comment--haha, I'm kidding)?
2. Do you have any good (easy) recipes you'd like to share (like ones that don't have 30 ingredients and just that many steps) or any good recipe blogs/sights you like (don't send me to Pioneer Woman, Peyton already tried that and she's out of my league in every area of life including cooking)?

Okay, not that I've reached my parenthesis quota FOR LIFE, I'll wrap it up, but seriously I'd love to hear any easy recipes you have!


Ashley said...

No, we're definitely not hardcore babywise. The main purpose of using it strictly at the beginning was to help her get days and nights on track, but I am a strong believer in doing what works for you. We use principles from BW, but we are definitely not selling tshirts and preaching about it :o)

Kim said...

I've found that has the best and easiest recipies to follow. they also tell you about how long it will take to cook it. you of course don't have to use kraft brands, but it's a good way to find some fast/easy supper ideas. I'm pretty sure that they have a crockpot section too - which is really nice b/c the food cooks itself and is ready by the time everyone gets home and is starving. Hope you're doing well!! Good luck with the cooking :)

Carrie said...

Good job on the cooking :o) I usually cook about 4 times a week. We eat out a lot on the weekends, and we eat leftovers the other nights. I cook really simple meals -- I have a Campbells Soup cookbook that has really easy things and I also really like the Southern Living Easy Weeknight Meals cookbook. Nothing fancy, but I enjoy cooking as long as it's not too complicated :o)

Joy said...

I usually cook Monday - Thursday night [unless I'm really sick or something]...and then will fix something on Saturday and Sunday night -- but it might be grilled cheese or a quesidilla [sp?].

What are some things y'all like to eat? I'm all about simple meals to prepare... And I LOVE the days I use my crockpot. Would love to help you out if there's anything I can do...