Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goals List- #54 (Spend at Least Two Hours a Day Totally Focused on Ann Peyton))

So, I had so much fun writing about cooking and got such great responses, I decided it was already time for another post about a goal--this time it's for another goal from my 101 Goals List. This time it's#54- Spend at least two hours daily totally focused on
playing with her/holding her
. According to the goals list, I have done this 73 times (not counting this week). Pretty good (This is the ONLY goal I've met every day!). I will go ahead and say no, I don't tally up exactly how many minutes a day I spend focused on my daughter, I just estimate as best I can. I am OCD, but not that OCD! Moving right along....

One of the best things I did to make sure I was spending enough quality time with her is that when she was born I promised myself and her I would do my best not to have any distractions-computer, tv, phone, books for me, ect,-when I feed her. Nursing is so special and I didn't want her (or me) to miss out on anything. I defiantly slip sometimes, but this has been so good for both of us!

I've been talking to her alot more lately. She is so much more interactive! Sometimes I read to her. Sometimes I sing to her. Sometimes I talk to her and just say stupid stuff and make funny faces so she'll smile. Sometimes I pray for her out loud. Sometimes I tell her special things, like how much we love her and what a precious gift she is. Sometimes I talk to her like she's a grown up; like, I tell her about what Cookie is doing in Charleston and how I'm worried about her being homesick or how we're trying to save money to ensure our family has more security--I know this is crazy.

I'm also trying to have more physical contact with her. I mean I LOVE snuggling with her, but we are bad about putting her in her swing. She's just so happy in it and I can actually get SOMETHING done. But when I'm on the computer or something, I really like to just wedge her in on the couch beside me.

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