Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grocery Store Madness and a New Friend for Ann Peyton

Usually, I like to go to the grocery store at night when it's not crowded. In fact, Peyton and I used to go at 11:00 or midnight, because no one was there and it was SO much faster! Obviously, that's out of the question now! Anyway, yesterday I went right in the middle of the day....prime grocery shopping time. First of all, I was amazed at how many swimsuits I saw. I also encountered a couple of ill-behaved children. These two young girls (6 and 8 maybe?) were running up and down the aisles, almost knocking people over. Now, I am all for children playing tag in their backyards, at the park, on the playground, but in the grocery store? And their mother seemed totally oblivious to the frustration they were causing other shoppers. Is it bad that I immediately thought "I can't wait to pop somebody's little bottom in a few years if she acts like this in a store?"

Enough on that, yesterday I also took dinner to Mike and Tara, a couple from our church who had a new baby recently. Guess what they requested? Chicken salad (I had made it for them before when she had surgery)--how easy! They must know my limited cooking repertoire! So I took them chicken salad, Suddenly Salad, berry tea, and Funfetti cookies! Easy cheesy!

Their little girl, Annsly, is precious and I had great time talking to another mom! Then I stopped by my friend Morgan's house and visited with her for a really long time (Peyton had Ann Peyton). She's expecting a baby in August, so it was fun to talk babies with her, too. One thing we discussed is that how of the five women who've had babies from our church this past year, all but me and one other one had a C-Section. Now, I want to be really clear, I totally understand that sometimes they are medically necessary and they may have been in some (or all) of these cases. But my MIL was an OB nurse forever and ever and one reason she left labor and delivery is because the doctors just wanted to cut everybody! I mean at 5:00 it's time to go home right? I will say that I LOVE my OB and I don't think she'd ever do that and I'm sure many doctors wouldn't. But they're human and they have families and labor can last oh, days. And it's not just sections, my mom had a friend whose daughter got such a botched episiotomy (hole to hole, sorry for the crudeness) that she gets chronic infections and can never conceive another child--because the doctor wanted to get home for the Super Bowl...yeah makes me kind of sick at my stomach. Anyway, one thing we talked about is how induction really increases the likelihood of having a c-section. I mean, if your body isn't ready for labor, chances are you may not dilate quickly enough. I was induced, however I was having contractions that morning, so I probably would have went into labor soon anyway. Again I hope this doesn't offend anyone who has had a c-section. Obviously, if it was necessary I would have had one to get a healthy baby ;) It's just I do think they're overdone; why put yourself and baby at risk if you don't have to? My SIL is having her first baby in August....NATURALLY. As in, without drugs. I'm pretty excited to be on the sidelines for that. Natural birth really intrigues me and I'm glad I'll be able to experience it secondhand.

Anyway, Morgan and I also discussed parenting philosophies for babies. If you remember, I read Babywise and she's reading The Happiest Baby on the Block, which both promise the same results, but offer completely opposite approaches. But that is a whole other post....(coming soon, I'm sure)

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Anonymous said...

On the flip side of having so many C-Sections are the women that should have had them and didn't. My doctor let me go 3 weeks over with my son because a hurricane had hit earlier when he would have normally induced. The baby was too high according to the labor nurse. Anyway my 9lb son got stuck my his shoulders and they had to push and pull him out. This caused two herniated discs in my back and so many tears that I was unable to ever have more children. Thankfully my son was fine but I have had terrible problems with my back ever since. So sometimes it is better to err on the side of a section than chance what I went through.