Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary (I Love My Sweetie!)

I thought about this post and I thought about talking about our wedding, or how we met, or a lot of other things, but then this post would be about a million pages and that really isn't the point of this post anyway. So, I decided just to make it simple and just do a list about some of the things that make Peyton great. Let me just say that I could write paragraph upon paragraph on this topic and not do it justice. This list will barely scratch the surface; this is probably about .5% of the great things about having Peyton as my husband, but I'm okay with that. You don't want to read a book, I don't want to write one and Ann Peyton really doesn't want me to, either! So here's my abbreviated list:
  • He tells me he loves me all the time.
  • He tells me he's in love with me.
  • He tells me he's proud of me.
  • He cooks me breakfast on the days he's of and brings it to me in bed!
  • He encourages me so much in what I'm doing--he tells me constantly what a great Momma I am.
  • He helps me with Ann Peyton alot when he's home.
  • He is constantly striving to become a better person.
  • He is so much fun to go on car trips with!
  • He makes me laugh so hard.
  • He calls me at least twice a day from the Rite Aid.
  • He really listens to me...most of the time ;)
  • He thinks of ways for me to stay at home with the babies (future-baby singular for now) longer.
  • He does all the yard work.
  • He knows more about me than anyone else in the world.
  • He won't let me watch movies that are too sad.
  • He listens to my irrational fears.
  • He almost always knows the right thing to say when I'm upset and when to just hug me.
  • He has really strong convictions and cares so much about other people.
I just realized that I wore the same outfit to church on Sunday (our Anniversary) that was my going away outfit, haha!

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Carrie said...

So sweet! You look so pretty in your wedding picture!