Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy Ever

My dad is such a great guy. He is just amazing. When I was younger, I wrote a paper about how he was my hero. I really need to find that. He did so many great things for me growing up. He told fabulous make-believe stories that he came up with. He played silly games with me and Cookie. He came home from work when I tried to run away (that's a great story, but I'll save it for later). He videotaped what seemed like the majority of our childhood (and videoing was not so easy back then). He worked so hard to provide for us--he paid for private school, tons of clothes and other stuff, trips, cars, and a really nice wedding. He was always consoling me about something during my teenage years. When Peyton and I broke up for a little while, I went out with my friends for a "girls night". When their boyfriends showed up, he came and got me. He teared up (the second time I've seen him do that) at our rehearsal dinner and he gave the most fabulous toast.
Me and Daddy playing in the leaves

Daddy and I right before the wedding

Ann Peyton with her Mickey

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