Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to the Best Papa Ever!

Peyton wants to be called Papa, instead of Daddy. I think she'll call him Daddy some to, but whatever. It's his day and I'm going to call him whatever he wants to be called.

Peyton is such an AMAZING father. He adores Ann Peyton and is so sweet to her. He talks to her in this gooby voice I had never heard before. He cried when he heard her cry for the first time. He plays with her and makes her smile SO big. He tells me to drive carefully because I've got "his little girl" with me. He tells her all the time when he changes her diaper not to let any boys down there! He takes her for strolls with me. He picks her up first thing when he walks in the door. He calls her "the baby Annie". He loves it when we have a bottle left over from something so he can feed her. He burps her and he rocks to her. He sings to her. He is such a great father and I am so blessed!


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