Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Hey Mommy, Look What I Can Do!"

Wow! This week has been full of new things for our baby girl. First of all, on Tuesday when I was taking her two month old picture with Piggy, she started patting him. I thought it was so cute and so I said "Oh, Ann Peyton, do you like your Piggy" and SHE SMILED AT ME. So I know it might not really mean anything, but it was like she was saying "Yes, Mommy, I love my Piggy". I scared her so bad because I absolutely shrieked. It was literally one of the happiest moments of my life so far!

Her playmat that I was telling you about also came on Tuesday and she seemed to enjoy it.
For some reason the "garden theme" seems to be popular with baby stuff right now...and I love it! It's pretty much gender neutral and I think the lady bug spinner is sooo cute!

Anyway, she seemed to enjoy "tummy time".
(Already checking herself in the mirror!)

I had to tell Peyton "No vigorous spinning!"

On Wednesday she had her first shots! Peyton wasn't supposed to work, but someone had a death in the family so he subbed at another store. Anyway I really didn't think I was going to fall apart about the shots BUT, I called my Mom and said "I really don't know if I should go by myself for her first vaccines" and she said "Of course not, I don't think you should, either. I'll go with you". Ahh (relieved sigh). Anyway, she did GREAT. She didn't cry at all when Dr. Denney checked her ears, eyes, nose, mouth, ect. and when she got her shots she cried maybe three minutes and was fine! She didn't seem fussy or run a fever either. We even ran some errands afterwords! I was so excited to get the okay to get out. Oh and if you're wondering her weight--8lbs. 4 0z. (she's in the 5th percentile, but apparently I was too, until I was like 12).

Anyway, on Thursday she did this:
Look how high that head is!!

A couple more things:
-- I am so thankful for my sweet Momma! She has been such a help this week. In addition to helping me get the baby her shots, she kept AP yesterday so I could have a much needed little break to run some errands and do some stuff by myself. And then today she kept her again because I was helping give a baby shower for my SIL, Elizabeth. She is forever reassuring me that I'm doing a great job and picking me up when I fall apart.
-- If you think about it, please pray for our sweet friends Michael and Jamie. Their precious bulldog, Winston, passed away last week. Losing a pet is never easy, but Michael and Jamie were especially close to Winston and I know that their hearts are so broken right now.

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