Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Which I Blather Incessantly About the Moral Decline of America as Seen On Television....

...until my head spins off. TV just has me sick lately. Here's why:

Jon and Kate
(I won't even dignify this and Say "Plus Eight", because really, who is this show really about now anyway?)

Okay, I'll address the superficial first....Jon, you got both your ears pierced and look like you've been to the tanning bed. If this was the only way you were trying to recapture your youth, I wouldn't even be talking about this, really I could give less of a rip how many piercings you decide to get, but I think it denotes a much larger issue. Look, you are a dad, (even if you are only 32), not the surfer-dude-beachbunnyloving cool guy you think you are. Now to the important stuff. I need to revise my previous J&K+8 post to say Jon needs to grow a pair about as much as Kate needs to loose them. Here is what gets me--I hate divorce, it's an ugly, painful thing. I think people dodge the issue too much. It is easy in my church to say you hate abortion, or premarital sex or gay marriage, but you say you hate divorce and you step on some toes. Anyway, divorce is a terrible thing. But if you're going to do it fine. But don't say you are doing it FOR your kids. I was livid when I heard that; I looked at Peyton and I said "that is bull crap" (except those weren't my exact words)*. I mean really, you do not end your marriage for your kids. You do it for yourself. And even if you are doing it "for the kids", that doesn't trumph a vow before God (espessially one you just renewed, good gosh, don't even get me started on the irony of that). Seriously, TLC needs to spend their money on a Weekend to Remember Conference for Jon and Kate, instead of crooked houses. But that wouldn't garner quite the same ratings would it?

Army Wives
Also, I haven't watched Army Wives yet (yesterday was busier than I anticipated) but I have a feeling Frank and Denise's marriage is about to dissolve, as well. Why? Because she cheated. Yes, I know it's not real, but it still makes me sad. It reminds me of the time in college when my friends and our were all sitting around, eating cinnamon rolls and watching Grey's Anatomy (some of my favorite college memories were of doing this) and George and Izzie are having sex. And I am so upset, because, you know, he's married. And my friends are all "But Callie's no good for him; Izzie's the one he's sopposed to be with" and I'm all "It doesn't matter; he's married" and they're all "It's just a show, Sarah Denley" and I'm all "If it's just a show, who even cares if he's with who he's sopposed to be with?" and because this is my blog, I'll leave it with me having the last word.

Anyway, all this to say, tv is making me sad. And because I don't think it's a smart idea to have a "sad tv" day, like my "sad blog day", I'm even more seriously considering just being done with it. As much as I love the dvr, in an effort to save money, I told Peyton I was considering getting rid of it. I mean most of the shows I like are on Netflix, anyway. I told him, though, that this was a "fourth baby situation"--that is what we say when something isn't for sure because we know we want at least three children and Peyton says maybe four, but don't hold him to it. So anytime I think something but don't want him to hold me to it I saw "this is like the fourth baby". Although, last night he did say we could maybe have six or seven.....I think Darth put weed in his brownies (just kidding, I didn't make brownies, I made pudding, and Darth isn't smart enough to get weed in the pudding). Not going to get rid of it yet, but I did move "Little House on the Priarie" to the top of the queue on Netflix.

* Peyton is thinking about giving the blog address to Granny and PopPop, so I guess I'll have to edit my blog and not use semi-colorful language, or make thinly veiled references to Jon and Kate's anatomy, or post pictures of the condom aisle.


Ashley said...

Yeah, Little House on the Prairie is looking really good right about now.

Marie said...

I loved the part about Darth and the brownies. That was a happy ending to a depressing blog. And I only say "depressing" because I feel the same way about Jon and Kate. They need to work on their marriage instead of throwing away the last TEN YEARS just because they had a hard SEVEN or EIGHT MONTHS. Also, Aaden is my favorite, and I feel the need to steal him away from his crazy family....

Mamie said...

I so couldn't agree more with you... I don't understand why everyone is OKAY with divorce... It's the one of the most SELFISH acts that you can do to your family. UGH!!! It really upsets me to hear everyone saying, "it's what's best for the children". Even the people that I work with are talking like it's just not a big deal and "everyone does it". SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?

i'm getting off my soapbox now... I have a husband to tend to (of which I made a covenant with God that I would)

Carrie said...

The Jon and Kate situation is so sad and the whole thing just makes me mad. I agree that Jon's piercings are just stupid. He looked really dumb. Those poor kids.