Friday, June 19, 2009

Just the Three of Us

After a busy weekend and beginning of the week, today and yesterday have been pretty low-key. Peyton's working this weekend, so he was off today and yesterday. Yesterday he worked some more in the yard and I washed the slipcover on our couch and wrote some long overdue thank you notes for baby things (yay for being productive!) and then we ate supper with my parents. Peyton and I also ran to Barnes and Noble (a personal favorite) and I surprised myself by being so close to the Anthropologie and not going inside. We went to B&N to find a baby book--there was a better selection than I anticipated, but I still wanted to look a few other places. I did find a father's day present for Mickey (I'll post it soon!) and got a little something for Peyton, too.

Today was another fun day with Babykins and Hubbykins. I woke up earlier than usual and AP and I sat outside under a tree in the front yard while Peyton did MORE digging, planting, ect.
I got to read my Bible some and a little in What to Expect the First Year. Then we came inside and I fixed lunch--grilled cheese for me, grilled turkey for Peyton, and AP had her usual ;) I straighten up around the house some and then we ran a few errands. We went to Lowes, Lemuria (again for the Baby Book), SeeSaws, Nursery Rhymes (baby book), and Babies R Us (for a masculine carrier that Peyton or I could wear on the Charleston trip). When we got home, I feed Ann Peyton and Peyton went to play Ultimate Frisbee. I did dishes and laundry and we had a relaxing night!

Such good times....I have to say I am a little sad about a recent decision we made for Peyton to pick up more days at the pharmacy. It is so fun to have him around! But we agreed it will be wonderful to have our debt paid off and it's good for him to work extra now, when Ann Peyton isn't as aware of his presence/absence. He asked me if it was okay and I agreed it was the right thing, but I did tell him upfront that he needed to realize 1) he'd have alot less time to get things done around here (I try to do most everything I can, but some stuff, like manual labor, I just can't do) and 2) If I was going to be home taking care of AP and the house for 12 hour stretches, 6 days a week, he had to be really encouraging and appreciative (which he's gotten REALLY good at lately). I know I shouldn't be complaining, so many people are in way harder situations. I used to hate hearing stay at home moms complain about how hard their live was....just made me sick. I promise I know I'm so blessed we are in the situation we are!

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