Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ladies On the Town

In addition to our busy weekend, AP and I have been "out on the town" as Bump used to say the past two afternoons. On Monday, we had lunch with Carrie and her precious little girl Aubrey at Newks. It was so much fun and it seems like Carrie and I have alot in common...besides having sweet baby girls! Anyway, it was super fun to meet another momma, especially one who is just a few months ahead of me--so much good advice and just to talk about things. So many of my friends are either not near having babies or have gone back to work and so it was neat to get together with another stay at home mom. It's also pretty neat that we meet through our blogs, and even neater that we both asked our husbands if they thought it was okay to meet a "stranger" from blogland (we each knew someone who knew the other person). I don't know this April Rose stuff has me paranoid!

Then today, we met several of my college friends for lunch at Beagle Bagel. Is it weird that at both these lunches we stayed and chatted over two hours (AP slept straight through both)? I don't know, I'm kind of a talker ;) It was so good to catch up with Sue, Steph, and Marianna. I really wish I had taken some pictures! After that, we popped by Batte for a little visit. AP was on the downhill, so we didn't stay long! I am just so exhausted; I think it's partly the heat, but it is so nice to be able to get out and take her places, especially at this stage where she is so well-behaved ;) I LOVE some adult interaction during the day!

Another thing worth mentioning is that I'm trying to do better about eating out (like not ordering dessert, ect--I still HAVE TO order a coke; I'll never be able to drink water at a restaurant) because Peyton and I are trying to have all our debts (car debt, student loans, ect.), excluding our mortgage paid off by this time next year. I never would have thought it would matter that much to me, but I'm pretty excited about it. Our biggest areas that we need to cut are eating out and groceries. Since I got some ideas about cooking, anybody have any good ones about couponing/grocery shopping of a budget? Well, I'm gonna do a big picture post and the real "happy anniversary/I love my Sweetie" post later (hopefully tonight, maybe later this week)!

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Carrie said...

We had so much fun with yall the other day! We'll definitely have to do it again :o) My mom took those pictures of us at the pool. My mom takes my brothers to the same pool, so it's nice because that means I have help with Aubrey!