Saturday, June 13, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

So this April Rose thing has really gotten to me. I mean I, like so many others, really greivved for this child and family. I have just been thinking about it so much, really about why this girl would do this horrible thing. I mean she didn't make that much money of off it from what I understand. I just keep thinking back about one post she did about becoming a "high traffic blog". The whole post got me thinking about how there are some blogs about sick babies or babies that have gone to be with the Lord that show a million + on their hit counter and then there are others I read by people who are facing the same trials who are no less obscure than me. It made me think, "if Ann Peyton got sick would twenty zillion Christian bloggers rally around me?" Not that it matters. I mean, she's healthy thank God and if she wasn't we have tons of friends and family who would support us. But, you know I wonder if it all started with her just thinking the same thing...not to minimize it (she's obviously seriously mentally ill) or to say I'd EVER think about doing something like that. But I wonder if it all could've started just that innocently...

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