Monday, June 22, 2009

Lazing Around

We had a pretty lazy weekend, me and Ann Peyton that is; Daddy had to go to work ;) The highlights of the weekend were having Beans and Rice with Mickey and Minnie on Friday and going for a stroll as with Peyton and AP on Saturday. I tried to get some stuff done around here while Peyton was at work and I did manage to accomplish a few things:
- wrote and addressed more thankyous
- changed the sheets on our bed
- uploaded some pictures
- made laundry detergent
- did a few loads of laundry
- spent time reading, strolling, singing, and playing with AP
- worked on the finances some
- cleaned out the fridge, washed dishes and made a MEAL PLAN for next week

Yesterday, we went to early church because Peyton had to work and because it was Jim's (our now former associate pastor who Peyton is close friends with) last day before moving full time to the Point--our church's church plant. His sermon was FABULOUS and Peyton and I both almost cried several times. AP almost slept the whole time and when she did wake up she just looked around. Taking her is so easy....getting ready is another story. We were defiantly not on time! Sunday afternoon/night we celebrated Father's day with Peyton's parents and my parents. Here is what I got my dad for Father's Day:
I guess it's as much of a present for AP as it is for him....but it's so neat. It asks about his favorite music as a "young man" and about his childhood and other memories

and here is what I got Peyton
He was so impressed with Daddy's present, I got him his own. I really think he'll enjoy it!
Recently, he's become obsessed with these "manly blogs", like Building Camelot. I think it's really good, because they are all about helping men be great men/husbands/fathers. Anyway, he was reading some quotes by Teddy Roosevelt a couple of weeks ago. Well, when I saw this on a Father's Day gift ideas list, I knew it would be perfect! AP was in her bouncy seat this morning and I put it (sort of) in her hands and had him come see it (he doesn't like me using wrapping paper--NOT ANOTHER TREE--on him) so I had to be creative!
Anyway, we had a good Father's Day. Peyton told me Father's Day is more important to him than his birthday. He said he didn't realize it would be so special and he was sorry he didn't make a bigger deal out of Mother's Day this year. I don't really care; I'm just so glad it matters to him and is so important to him--he said being a husband/father is his most important job right now. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who has his priorities in order. It was very emotional when all the fathers stood up at church and I saw Peyton stand up. I know he isn't perfect, but I also know he will be such an example to Annie of her Heavenly Father.

I can't wait Army Wives--I put it on the DVR and was just to tired to watch when I got home! It is defiantly my favorite show right now! I don't know it's kind of over the top dramatic and soap opera-y sometimes, but I enjoy it. It deals with alot of issues and I like it alot more than Grey's Anatomy (it's from the makers of Grey's)--I just stopped watching that when it become all ERish and had all these ridiculous freak accidents and visitors from the thanks! Anyway, I think I'm going to cry when Joan has to leave her baby, Sarah Elizabeth (with a double name, no less!) and go to Iraq.

One more thing....I really need to just stop talking about it, but I was thinking today that I am kind of glad April Rose was fake. The last thing I need right now is another sad blog to follow. I read some of these sad things and I just get myself all worked up. It's really not good for a person with anxiety, like me. Peyton keeps tell me I need to delete them, but they're just so inspiring. I mean sometimes you get tired of reading mommy blogs about painting cabinets, and playing checkers, and doing laundry, and waiting in the carpool line (look, I know that's the kind of thing I blog about) and you want something of a little more substance. But sometimes, it's too much and I just collapse into a puddle of tears. And I think they make me worry more about Ann Peyton, which I do enough of. Anyway, I've come up with a new plan. I know this is weird, okay? I created a new folder in my Reader called "Sad Blogs" and I'm only going to let myself read the blogs in it, say, every other week. That way I can have one good cry and be done with it. Am I loosing my mind?

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Sarah Denley said...

The blog I really like is the art of manliness, more than building camelot.

- Peyton