Thursday, July 2, 2009

Letter to (Three Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are growing up so fast...I can't believe that you are three months old today! Daddy likes to joke with me and say we'll be buying your prom dress soon. Every day with you is a new adventure and we are so proud of you. Daddy and I love being your parents. I really never thought that I would be "that Mom" that had to video or take a picture of everything, but I think I am turning into her. I want to remember every minute of you like you are right now.....perfect.

You gave us a little scare yesterday at when we went to get your weight checked. Daddy and I, and Mickey and Minnie and Necie and Randy all think you've gotten so big; but whenever we see someone new they say how tiny you are! Well, you are a little girl! The nurse told us you were in the third percentile. They wanted me to start giving you formula, but for right now I need to do what I think is best for you, and that is no formula! So, I have started feeding you every two hours during the day and every four hours at night. It is already tiring, but you are SO WORTH IT! I am so thankful that God gave you to Daddy and me and THERE IS NOTHING I WOULDN'T DO FOR YOU. Please always remember that; I will do anything for you as long as it is what is best for you.

I am proud to tell you that you have outgrown all but one of your newborn sleepers. It is nice to have you out of your newborn clothes for the most part, since you are very far from being a "newborn". You now mostly wear 0-3 month footies to sleep (a few are actually 3 months that run small) and most of your clothes are 0-3 months (but Minnie usually has to do a few small "alterations"). Your diapers are still newborns. It almost embarrassing that you still wear the diapers with the swoop for an umbilical cord, but those will soon be gone, too! I saw one of your preemie outfits in the attic the other day and I brought it down to show Daddy; we couldn't believe how small you were when you first got here.

You are still a pretty lanky little baby, but just recently we've started to see some fat rolls on your arms and legs. Your Aunt Cookie was so proud....she wants you to be a fat baby like she and I were!

Daddy (who really wants you to call him Papa) loves playing with you. He told me the other day "I can't wait until she's bigger and can really, I can wait; she's so much fun just like this". I think he falls more in love with you every day (I know I do).

You love it when we read to you--you have started following the book with your eyes and sometimes reach out and touch the picture. We try to read you a Bible story and at least one other book every day. I can tell it's getting more important.

You also love your strolls. You watch the trees and everything that is going on. You are so alert these days. When you are awake you are UP and when you're not you're fast asleep.

You defiantly have the capacity to sleep through the night, but I wake you up once now to feed you. You sleep well in your crib in your own bedroom and even nap in it sometimes (your swing is still your favorite place to rest). You often sleep the same way I do, with your arms stretched out above your head or with your little hands balled up into fists. I smile because I can already see ways you are like me. Sometimes, you have bad dreams; occasionally we'll notice you're crying in your sleep. They go away in a few seconds, and you don't even wake up. Sometimes you have good dreams; it's fun to see you smile in your sleep and imagine what you are thinking of.

You do great with tummy time and are holding your head up to almost 90 degrees. You move your legs like you're trying to crawl; we have to tell you that you've got a few more months before you can do that!

We finally filed your fingernails for the first time and you are acting like you're trying to cut teeth. You drool so much!

You have a few other favorite things: you love it when we tickle you, you love to lick a popsicle, and you love patting "your" kitties.

You are so social! You do well with new people and have never met a stranger (we'll have to fix that when you're a little older). Daddy loves to tickle you and blow on you (you make such a funny face, sticking your tongue out, when we blow on you). And you Minnie loves to play with you. Whenever she gets you, you make all sorts of cute noises and get so excited, moving your legs all around!

I have so enjoyed you as a two month old, but I am so excited to see what you are like as a three month old, sweet Annie girl.

We love you more than you can imagine,
Mommy (and Daddy)

One Month Old Ann Peyton

Two Month Old Ann Peyton

(now) Three Month Old Ann Peyton

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