Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday


Okay, so ya'll know how this works by now. Just tell all the embarrassing things you did this week, only say that you did NOT do them. So here's last week:

- I did NOT give Annie a taste of one of these
because really, who would give their ALMOST two month old a lick of a popsicle?

- I did NOT cry about moving her to her crib. I also have NOT let her sleep in the bassinet in our room several times since then.

- Finally, I did NOT cry, tremble and get chills today when listening to the Pride of the South Ole Miss Marching Band play "Slow Dixie" on the iPod today in the car. Furthermore, I did NOT then plan Ann Peyton's outfit for her first football game and fantasize about her very first trip to the Grove.
I did NOT then try to desperately to figure out where to get those precious Colonel Rebel tattoos that I sported for most of my childhood football experiences, since Colonel Rebel is now a thing of the past in more than one way. I did NOT then become slightly bitter thinking about the whole controversy surrounding the beloved figure.

Well, that's all for this week...hope you'll play along!

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