Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday- Master Bedrooms

This week Kelly is doing Master bedroom tours. Come on in!

This is the view from the door. I love our new of my mom's very talented friends made them for us and I think they are very elegant the way they fall.

We bought this armoire at an antique was a steal! There is a TV in it and it holds most of Peyton's clothes (some are in the closet in his study), as I took over the ENTIRE master closet...oops! I love the color of the pottery on top. The swirly one and the vase beside it are both Gail Pittman pieces (so sad that era is over). The one with the ferns in it is actually a wastebasket (aka trash can) from Bed, Bath and Beyond. And I thought the little colorful boxes added a nice touch.

This is AP's bassinet. A friend of my mom's loaned it to us and it is beautiful! It's usually by our bed.

Our dresser used to belong to my grandmother, "Bump", as did much of the furniture in our house.

A closer view of the dresser. The canvas was my birthday present from my best friend, Logan. The tray, bird and thing in the back holding Peyton's necklaces are all Gail Pittman as well. The tray also has a picture of me and Daddy (it has been in my bedroom in that frame since I was a little girl) and a couple of frog trinket boxes (I really love frog stuff!!).

This lamp was also Bump's....I like it because it seems very vintage. The little powder box is another Gail Pittmas peice (I kind of bought out the outlet when I heard it was closing) and the the box in the middle was a Christmas present to Peyton from my parents.

I framed these pictures that Peyton's brother Michal took when Ann Peyton was about a week old. I know they are kind of hard to see because they are black and white. I love the uniqueness of these....Michal really has a gift!

Another thing from Bumps....I like the retro feel of this loveseat. The big bin holds magazines and the small one holds other miscellaneous stuff.

This is Peyton's night stand....sorry for the not great picture quality. The picture is of me when I was in kindergarten--I have a very concerned, concentrated look on my face and he loved the picture because I have that same look so often now.

I would love so much to have a king size bed, but it just isn't practical in this room. And apparently a queen is only six inches wider (my mom measured the mattresses at Batte), so here is our double bed. Peyton is an amazing husband, but a less amazing bedmate; think diagonal sleeper, haha!

This is my vanity; it belonged to Peyton's parents.

Here is a closer look at the vanity. On the left is a funky little lipstick/mascara holding girl of my moms, my favorite Channel perfume that Peyton got me as a "push present", some cotton balls in a little coconut bowl from our honeymoon and some q-tips. On the right is my clock, lamp, a little dish, and of course the baby monitor (it just happens to match; I got it because it has an alarm that goes off if she quits breathing). And in the middle is all my makeup/nail polish/lotion/other beauty junk.

My mom fixed this little chair up to go with the dressing table. The chair "skirt" was an actual skirt! She rigged it up with the bow using rubberbands, very DIY, but she's like that (I want to be!).

I LOVE frames like this! Mickey and AP on top; Peyton and I at a Crawfish Boil celebrating our engagement.

We found this dresser that matches the vanity at an antique store....what a find! The basket beside it holds more magazines. The picture above is of Fondren, a really neat area in Jackson, and was painted by Peyton's sister's husband, Daniel.

Here's a closer look at the dresser. Another piece of pottery and a beautiful McCarty bunny from my sweet friend, Sue. The pictures are (L to R): Logan and I at my bridesmaid luncheon (sorry for the glare), Momma before I was born, and me and Peyton at his sister's wedding.

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for....the closet!

Summer clothes....I know, I have a problem; I really haven't gotten rid of anything since 9th grade (okay, not much)!

This piece was also Peyton's parents and matches the vanity and dresser. I put it in the closet for extra storage for bras and panties and tank tops and such.

More storage

I love this shoe rack from Target!

Well, that's it friends! Thanks for stoppping by!


Heather said...

I think your master bedroom is so cute! I love your headboard!

Emily said...

I love the curtains! You have a talented friend. :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE that loveseat!! Jealous. :o)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

The loveseat and those curtains are incredible. Thanks for the tour!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Carrie said...

I love your master bedroom! I have that exact same green lamp shade that you have on your bedside table! I love it! :o)

Christa said...

Love your bedding...very pretty!

Carrie said...

We had the same problem you did with the 'about us' section when we added David as a contributer. The way we fixed it was just adding a text section. Click on 'Layout' and then 'Add a Gadget'. The 4th one down is 'Text'. You can type whatever you want and make it about you.

Chelsa said...

very cute! i love the antique stuff :)

Beth Haley said...

girlfriend, my hubby would kill me if our room was pink! I'm loving it though :-)

T~T said...

I ADORE that loveseat!!!!!

Beth Haley said...

sry i guess the photos made it look more rosy than it is! :-)

Shana said...

Cute space... I love that little vanity table!

Diamonds & Dumptrucks Boutique said...

LOVE your room! :)