Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Far This Week and an Addendum to My Father's Day Post

So far this week has been no less exciting and fun than any other week since AP was born. It's been great, but I am exhausted for no seemingly no reason and have gotten next to nothing done. I think part of the exhaustion has to do with only sleeping four hours Saturday night (you know, trying to get more than "next to nothing" done) and a tiring Sunday night as well. I should have taken a nap on Sunday, but I didn't. I used to be such a nap person--I took a nap probably 90% of my days in college--but I just can't seem to anymore. Anyway, by Sunday night, I was feeling awful--dizzy, nauseated, and with a headache that had me thinking maybe I should take the oxycodone again. And Ann Peyton decided to break her several week stretch of sleeping upwards of eight hours and wake up several times throughout the night. Anyway, I slept ALOT last night, but I always feel the worst the second day after a bad night's sleep.

Monday was fun. Peyton went to a movie with Joseph (his brother) and then we went out to eat (we did good with the budget--split something at Newks) with some friends who had some exciting news to share with us!! That kind of made the Jon and Kate thing easier to handle. Then Ellis came over for awhile and him and Peyton went out for a little bit to talk about "man stuff". Yesterday was pretty laid back. My friend, Sarah Ashley, who lives in Texas now, came by to meet Ann Peyton and then Peyton, Ann Peyton and I went to an antique shop (to look at a chess set my mom found for Peyton) and then went to Sonic for a snack. Then we spent a LONG time setting up our family budget for this year. Today, I am staying home all day and hoping to get a few things done.

And here is my addendum to the Father's Day post(s). I neglected to mention to other VERY important men in my life.

My father-in-law. Peyton's dad is amazing. He is such a big teddy bear! He always makes me feel so welcome at their house; whenever we come by he jumps up and asks what I want to drink/eat. And he ADORES Ann Peyton.

And PopPop, Peyton's grand daddy, who is like my grand daddy now. He used to always fuss at Peyton for picking on me. He and Granny just make me feel so loved....I am so blessed that they really are like my real grandparents.

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