Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Week, So Far......

I decided I needed to go ahead and do this weeks recap and do another one after the weekend since this weekend is going to be so busy! Also, I feel the need to say that if you want to just skip these "Weekly Happening" posts I TOTALLY understand. They are probably boring as the day is long. The thing is, I really like to journal what's going on with us for several reasons. First, I like to know that I actually do and accomplish things each week. Second, someday I want to look back and when I'm as tired as my mom is from raising us not say, "Well, Ann Peyton, I really don't know what we did the first five years of your life", like she often does. Third, I want her to be able to read it if she's curious. Which reminds me, I need to research ways to back up my blog. Anybody done that yet? I know some of you blogging experts (wink) have some advice for me.

Anyway, this week in review:

Monday- I ran around doing some errands (Kroger and Target) and then fixed dinner for Mike and Tara. Minnie came over and did yard work with Peyton ALL DAY. Ann Peyton got more fresh air than she has the entire time since she left heaven to come live with us ;) Then I stopped by for a visit with Morgan and Peyton took AP to his parents for a visit. Note: we gave her two (pumped) bottles that day, so my chest was about to explode by the time I got home. She wasn't even hungry, but I told her it was time to eat.

Tuesday- I went to Repeat Street (the consignment shop) and to Target, had my little breakdown and paid Minnie a visit.

Wednesday- went to Momma's and Daddy's again only to find out that Minnie had (much to her own dismay) bought Ann Peyton more knit things from (oh my gosh) Walmart--she's such a snob sometimes and yet so not, who knows, she's anomaly.

Thursday- amazing day! I stayed home all day and tried to accomplish a few things. I also laid on the chase lounge (sp?) that my parents gave us and read the Metro Christian Living Mother's Day issue, finally. And Annie got some more fresh air! Then one of my mom's sweet friends came by to bring us dinner and we chatted for half and hour and she held the baby until she fell asleep and ya'll it was the most precious time of fellowship. I could do a whole post about her, but she is such an inspiring, amazing woman. I wish I had her voice on tape recorder, because she talks exactly like Michelle Duggar. I am not kidding! Anyway, she has lived through my worst fear (loosing her child) but she has such joy and her life is such a testimony. I cannot tell you what an inspiration she is to me.

That seems like a good place to end. Today was great, but I'm going to save it for the weekend recap!

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