Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To Charleston We Go

I think I've mentioned it, but my sister has been living in Charleston for the summer and we are going to visit her! I could not be more excited, but I am a little nervous about traveling with the Babykins (btw, Peyton, me, Mickey, Minnie and AP will all be riding in my grandmother's old Buick--I will defiantly be capturing this on film AND video). AP has done GREAT on day trips, but as I mentioned in a previous post, she's been uncharacteristically fussy lately (by this I mean cries a couple a times a day for no apparent reason for no longer than about 15 minutes--really nothing to fret about). Anyway, I think she should be fine, but this is where I told you I'd be enlisting your help again. I've already gotten some great traveling advice from Ashley, but what do the rest of you have to say about traveling with baby on board (btw, still waiting to here about teething....I know I have at least one nurse, one almost denist, and one almost nurse who read as well as a couple of moms and one spouse of a pediatric resident, let me know your secrets, friends!)? The trip is approx. 12 hours by the way! So...

- What do you do about feeding on the way there (would bottles be best? I'm not so into breastfeeding in front of my dad)?
- What should I take (we're for sure taking her travel swing, Pack N Play and baby carrier; Cookie said no stroller), what else?
- Any other traveling tips?

I know I ask ya'll ALL the time for advice. Yesterday, I saw my friend Morgan, who is having a baby is August and I got to be the one to give advice. It was SO much fun to be on that side; I'll have to do a post about my "first three months" advice sometime!


Carrie said...

I understand about being uncomfortable breastfeedinf in front of your dad, so bottles might be best. The only thing is, that means you'll be going 12+ hours without feeding her yourself. I don't know about you, but I would be VERY uncomfortable if I went that long when Aubrey was 3 months old. I've done both, and bottles are more of a hassle because you have to find somewhere to heat them up -- I did it at a gas station bathroom (gross!) and it took FOREVER. As far as what we packed, we just took about twice as much stuff as we thought we'd need, and we usually ended up using most of it!

Anonymous said...

I've looked up everything I could find in my textbooks... so far all i see is that the normal age for the lower central incisors to erupt is between 6-10 months. But if her teeth were forming earlier than normal in the womb then they will erupt earlier. But no worries, either way she'll be fine. McKinnley didn't get her first tooth til she was 14 months old so it varies enormously. Good luck on the traveling! Take some frozen teething rings with ya... maybe that will relieve some symptoms of my AP!

Miss you guys!!!
Aunt Manda Panda
The "almost dentist" :)