Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend of Firsts

Our first "first" this weekend was filing the fingernails. I think Ann Peyton's nails must be really weak and slow-growing like mine, because, yes, this is the first time we've done anything to them. Anyway, I finally felt like they needed filing. So, I did it while she was eating! It worked good because she was preoccupied.

Next first (which really isn't a "first" yet): Babykins was drooling everywhere, sucking on her fingers, and howling Friday at Momma and Daddy's. Minnie put her pinky in her mouth and she didn't suck it; she gnawed it. She said she may not actually be cutting any teeth yet, but she is defiantly having "teething issues". She has been drooling quite a bit and she's been unusually fussy, but I dismissed it because she's not even three months old and I've been reading several blogs with babies teething, so I was sure it was my imagination. Anyway, I looked it up and apparently they can teeth anywhere between one month and eighteen months (or be born with one or two)-who knew? I guess we'll just see where it goes.

Finally, this weekend was supposed to be her first birthday party--one of Peyton's tech's little girl was turning two. But we could not find their house! So, it was her first trip to Renaissance. I wanted something from Barnes and Noble and Peyton wanted to go by the Apple store, so we just got a milkshake, walked around and enjoyed the sunshine!

Today, we went to The Pointe to church so we could hear our friend Morgan preach and then I went to a baby shower for day!

Okay, one more thing: ya'll were so super with the cooking post, I thought I'd ask all you Mommas for advice about teething. We got some ambosal from the Rite Aid (which she hates because it's minty) and I've given her baby Tylenol and that seems to help. What else? We have some teething toys I've been freezing, but really she just prefers to gnaw on her hand!

P.S. Jamie, if you know something about teething, please tell me (or anybody else), it doesn't really matter to me (or Ann Peyton) if you're a mom
P.S.S. Stay tuned--I'll be enlisting ya'lls help later this week
P.S.S.S. Ya'll please pray for us--we have some big decisions right now. I can't really say anything (I know that's so annoying, I'm sorry, I HATE it when people do that), but I promise I will when I can. Thanks so much!

This weeks family photo--AP's eye's look a little crazy!

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Ashley said...

Hey! I don't know when you leave for your trip, or if I'm too late, but yes---my advice is to just let everything go (to some extent) and do whatever AP needs. Honestly, that's what was so tiring...Evy was being passed around so much and was so out of her normal zone that all that would work was nursing her to calm her down, get her to sleep, etc.

Because of all this said nursing, I had trouble pumping to make an extra bottle or two so K and I could go out. Therefore, we introduced EK to formula. She did great with it, and it relieved SO MUCH STRESS. Seriously. It also enabled other people to help feed her, which just made their day! haha!

We survived a major trip and I promise you'll feel a sense of accomplishment after it's done! Let me know if you have any questions!