Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Party and Flowers


This week on Kelly's Korner the theme is "Show Us Your Wedding Party and Flowers". Peyton and I have been blessed with such a wonderful bunch of friends that stood by us both literally and figuratively during this special occasion. Here are my sweet bridesmaids.

My bridesmaids were (from the left) Elizabeth, Stephanie, Cookie, Logan, Ashley, and Amanda. Elizabeth is Peyton's sister. She is expecting her first child and should be going into labor any day now......I'm so excited I could pop, too! Stephanie is one of my good friends from college. She is seriously one of the best people I know. She is so honest and is one of the only people I have NEVER heard gossip about anyone! Cookie was actually my maid of honor, of course, because she is my sister AND best friend. Logan was a definite runner up. I've talked about her before on the blog. Ashley was my best friend from the School of Ed. We planned our schedules together during college; we would even make our adviser appointment at the same time, so we could be sure we'd have ALL our classes together. Amanda was Ashley's roommate and I spent many a day/night in their room and vice versa. We call her "Manda Panda" and she always had some boy drama (p.s. I know she's reading this).......thank goodness I think she's finally found "him", because I don't think I'm up to another one of her sagas.

Cookie and I picked out their dresses together. I wanted something really soft and flowey for summer and something that would flatter everyone. And I LOVED the aqua color. Plus, I wanted something that didn't look like a "bridesmaid dress" and something they could wear again. Cookie has yet to cut hers off as she planned to, and I almost beat her to the punch and wore the thing when I was pregnant....haha!

Peyton had a great group of groomsmen. He comes from a big family (five children) and three were his brothers.
His attendants were Joseph, Andrew, Ellis, Michal, Rob, and Daniel. Joseph is Peyton's youngest brother, who I credit for Peyton's mad diaper changing skills (Peyton was 14 when he was born). Andrew is another brother and served Peyton as his best man. Next to Peyton is Ellis, who is MY best friend since the seventh grade. Thank goodness he and Peyton hit it off or he'd sure enough be standing on my side! Since I don't have a brother, Ellis also ushered my mom in. It was so sweet. Sidenote: Ellis called me at least several times a week during my pregnancy and EVERYDAY the first few weeks after Ann Peyton was born.....he is an AMAZING friend. On the other side is Michal, another brother (who is also a wonderful photographer). Next is Rob, who is probably our oldest mutual friend--we used to hold hands in the back of his car when we said we were "just friends". And last but not least is Peyton's sister's husband, Daniel, who is a great brother in law.

Peyton and Andrew

Me and Ellis

I just thought these two pictures were fun!

Although not technically part of the wedding party (well, Momma wasn't) I wanted to include one of my whole family.

These are our precious flower girls. Cookie and I were actually in their parents' wedding!

Jim was the associate pastor at our church and one of Peyton's dearest friends. He was seriously the first person we called after my parents when I found out I was pregnant!

Morgan and Steve read scripture. It was very important to both of us to choose people that had a special spiritual significance in our lives to read scripture. Steve was the youth minister at our church when I was in youth group and then Morgan took his place my freshman year of college. Steve is seriously one of my biggest role models; he and his wife modeled such a Godly marriage and Morgan got to be such a close friend over my college years.

We got married at the church I grew up in, Galloway Untied Methodist Church, which is absolutely beautiful. So, I really didn't want a whole lot in the way of flowers to distract from it.

I used mostly white roses and other white or very light colored flowers.

My bouquet was full of white and very pale pink roses.

I also had little white flowers in my hair....I thought it was very sweet and charming and it reminded me of Jenny in Forrest Gump (minus the IV drug use and HIV).

The bridesmaids' bouquets were also very simple.

Here is my mom with her's......looking like she had lost her ever loving mind. Uh, yeah, she was sort of excited.

This picture of Morgan and Steve is really the best of the flowers that decorated the church.
I love hydrangeas and think they are so pretty and summery so I incorporated them in both the wedding and reception.

We saved and some from the wedding and they are now in this basket in my living room!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Facebook Meme....15 Things/People That Have Made My Life Better

So, a friend of mine on FB made a list of 15 things/people that had made her life better. I thought it was a fun little exercise, so I made my own. Here it is...

1. the Lord
2. Peyton
3. Ann Peyton
4. kosher dill pickles
5. Coca Cola
6. vacations
7. to do lists
8. having a blog and reading other people's
9. becoming a momma
10. knowing how to read
11. seeing Ann Peyton's smile
12. hearing Peyton say that I am the best wife and momma and he is proud of me
13. having a husband who takes providing for our family seriously
14. having parents that loved me AND loved each other
15. Oreos

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, I said I was going to stop being a Debbie Downer on my blog, but my heart has just been so heavy lately. So here is my disclaimer: if you don't want a somewhat sad, serious post that's probably pretty lengthy....stop here.

First a little background: Awhile back, I decided that I would have a sad blog day. I was reading certain blogs about grief every day and it was just getting to be too much. I didn't want to stop reading them completely, so I just put them all in a folder in my Reader and every couple now weeks I just read them all at once and have one good cry about's a good system. I decided it was necessary one day when my mom bought me some clothes for AP. She loves to buy things, like, way ahead of times (that's where the deals are). So she had bought some things in, I think, 18 mo sizes, and I just fell apart. What if Annie didn't make it to eighteen months? Now, keep in mind, she has no known medical conditions and is perfectly healthy. I had just been filling my mind with too much sad stuff. My mom was like "unplug your computer NOW, this is ridiculous", kind of like the time she wanted me to unplug the TV because SVU was giving me nightmares. Kelly kind of talked about it; most people in their real life don't see so much tragedy, but when you start reading these blogs, you realize it is EVERYWHERE.

Another important bit of background information is that I struggle with anxiety. I was on anxiety medicine through most of college, but when I got pregnant I had to get off of it. It was really difficult, but I did it. I didn't want to go back on it if I didn't absolutely need it, and I haven't. But I want to be honest and tell you that combined with the hormones of just having a baby in the past six months, some days are a struggle. And yesterday was one of those days.

As I said, I was exhausted and then I watched the finale of MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant. That got me upset, especially the kids who decided to give their baby up for adoption. I totally admire their decision, I've often thought that if I was in that situation (even at that age), I could not make that same decision. It might be selfish, but I could not give up my baby, EVER, regardless of the circumstances.

Well, then I decided I might as well just go ahead and make it "sad blog day", which was, um, a bad decision. There is one blog that just particularly upsets me. One thing that makes them different from the others is that these parents lost their only child. I'm not saying that it's easier to loose a child if you have others, I just think (in many cases) it forces you to deal with your grief faster and it's a bit of a distraction....but I could be totally wrong. It's also harder to read than some others, because I'm not sure this family are Christians. At least, their faith doesn't permeate their blog the way it does so many that I enjoy, the way I hope it does mine. I don't say that to judge them; I just think it must make things SO much harder. The blogs that are dealing with grief from a Christian POV are sooo much more hopeful. Not only do these people believe their child is in a safe, happy place they also feel an assurance of being reunited with them in heaven/at the Resurrection. We saw a family on the news a month or so back who lost both their children in a fire, but you could see the hope on their face as they talked about being reunited in heaven with their babies--what a testimony. Which brings me to...

The blogs that are written by Christians really feel like this is an opportunity for others to see God's glory. We heard about Horatio Spafford at church on Sunday--the service was about dealing with the tragedies of life. He wrote the song "It is Well with My Soul", after loosing all four of his children. Can you imagine? But, look at how much glory the Lord has gotten from that song. Or my momma's friend who lost her little girl, but smiles so brightly when she talks about her. Or look at Angie Smith's blog and her story about precious Audrey much glory!

Not that God intends for these things to happen; I think they are a consequence of living in a fallen world. On one of these blogs, I read a comment that said something like "God wanted your daughter more than you did. Stop worrying about the details", when the parents were trying to figure out what actually caused their daughter's condition! Even if I agreed with this on a theological basis (which I don't), who tells a grieving parent this? Even things like "she's in a better place" or "God loves her more than you do"-things I honestly believe- are not always appropriate in these situations, especially if you don't know the other person's faith background. I mean, I believe with all my heart that God loves my daughter more than I do, but I'm not sure that's what I'd want to hear in that situation. But people say the craziest things. I also read about a mom who lost one of her twins and someone told her "well, it'll be easier with only one". And someone who had a miscarriage and her own father told her the baby didn't have a soul. Or people who say "just have another one". Gosh!

So, last night, I had "sad blog time" and it was awful! After practically squeezing Ann Peyton to death and crying hysterically (I'm sure she thought I had lost my mind) I went to bed with puffy, swollen eyes and a terrible headache. I mean, I spend all but a few moments a week with her; I don't know what life would be like if something did happen to her. Which got me thinking about what John Rosemond says about becoming too child centered....I think I am. And I know it's natural at this age. I also know she is my main responsible during this season of life, but Peyton and I should be able to go on a date and talk about other things besides her, I should have other hobbies and interests, and I should let God be God and give my anxieties to Him.

Anyway, this morning when I woke up with Vick's and cold packs beside me, my bed definitely looking like a sick-bed, it was still raining. And Peyton was gone. I went back to bed for awhile and woke up to sunshine and a very energetic, animated little girl and I thought.....I can do this.

Thanks for allowing me to unload some of this burden. I don't know why, I still like surveys and lists and blogging about issues, but lately my blog has become more of a journal and I feel so much better after sharing all this.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reader Help

Does anybody use Google Reader? What is with the delayed release? I thought it was just my reader, but then I read something about it on another blog. Seriously, what is going on??

Fun Times

Today has been fun, albeit somewhat tiring. I think we caught it from Ashley at lunch today or maybe it's the fact that I woke up at around 5:30am which is not something I've made a habit of since high school, but after a busy morning, AP and I came home and both kind of crashed.

I had to wake up so early for an appointment with the dermatologist. I had these weird bumps on my back and needed to get them checked out (gross!). Anyway, glad that's done with. He gave me some cream and hopefully they'll disappear.

Then I had lunch with Carrie and Ashley. Seriously, we had such a good time and (surprisingly) there was hardly any fussiness at all! We did kind of take over a little section of the restaurant though; it kind of looked like a baby zone! It's always so much fun to get together with other moms, especially ones who have babies close to AP's age (sometimes I think maybe my college friends, sweet as they are, get tired of talking about diapers and carseats and spit-up). It was also good to share in my emotional anguish over Stellan. Seriously, not many people get why I'm so torn up over this....but you read somebody's blog long enough and it's like you know them (I know me and the gazillion other MckMama readers, right?) Peyton had to tell me to get a grip the other day when I wanted to rush home to check on him (via Twitter).

And then this afternoon I went through a bunch of children's books I brought home from my parents' house. I sorted them and put the age-appropriate ones in her room and boxed the others up to go to the attic.

And I am exhausted. And I feel guilty. I mean what did I do to make myself this tired? A trip to the doctor, a social engagement, and a organizational task should not a tired mom make, right? It got me a little nervous about all the mornings I'm going to have to be getting up early for Mother's Morning Out. I am seriously hoping that by the time it starts (September) AP will be back to sleeping through the night. I already realized that in order to get 8 hours of sleep, I am going to have to go to bed at ten. Which doesn't really seem ideal, since Peyton's new job will require him to work until ten every day every other week. I may just have to go back to afternoon naps like I did in the good old days in college. Anyway, whatever, I've been a bit of a gripe lately and I don't want my blog to be just whining and complaining all the time!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Three's of Me Survey

So, I saw this on the FB and thought it looked like fun!

Three names I go by
1. Sarah Denley
2. Sarah D
3. Sweetie (Peyton)

Three Jobs I have had in my life.
1. lifeguard at BW
2. substitute teacher at Prep and SA
3. nanny/babysitter

Three Places I have lived
1. Jackson, MS
2. Clinton, MS
3. Madison,, I've lived in so many exotic places

Three Favorite drinks
1. Coca Cola
2. Bon Ami Berry Tea
3. Kool Aid (weird, right?)

Three TV shows that I watch
1. The View
2. Army Wives
3. Law and Order

Three Places I Have Been
1. Lake Tahoe
2. NYC
3. Virgin Islands

People that e-mail/facebook me regularly
1. Peyton
2. Peyton's mom (LOL)
3. Amy

Three of my favorite restaurants
1. Mexican: Fernando's
2. Deli: Newk's
3. Pizza: Mellow Mushroom

Three friends I think will respond to this
1. probably no one! (copying Mrs. Kirk....haha)
2. I'm not even tagging anybody
3. But I love reading these things.....tell me if you do it!

Three things I'm looking forward to
1. Peyton getting home from work tonight
2. AP's next doctor's appointment where they (hopefully) tell me she's gained a TON of weight!
3. lunch with fun, new "mommy friends" tomorrow

Round Here.....

You might have noticed I changed my playlist up a bit. I loved my "Worship" play list and still have it saved, but I was getting kind of tired of those same songs. I wanted to keep it an exclusively worship playlist, so I just created a new one with some of my favorite songs. One of the songs on there was "Round Here" by Counting Crows, but when I loaded my blog and it came on I realized it was the unedited version with the "f word" in it. Um, quickly took that off....a little too far from the worship list! Not to say there aren't a few questionable tunes on there, but not that blatant. Interestingly enough, Granny and PopPop just got their computer, and when I say they are really, really conservative Southern Baptists, I do not joke (I consider us conservative, but these folks are, as Michael would say, a little "to the right of Rush"). So I'm glad I caught that one! And hopefully, Granny won't do a lot of back reading and find out that I like to call people ugly names when they hurt my sister (wink). Also, I thought this was interesting; I happen to love it when people have playlists on their blogs. What do you think?

But really, I wasn't going to do a whole post about my musical tastes, the F word, and how conservative my adorable grandparent in laws are. I was going to tell you about what is actually going on "round here". Today, I went to an organizational meeting for the new Mother's Morning Out program my church is starting. I haven't posted about it yet, because it was sort of tentative, but now that it's for sure I can tell you that starting in September, Annie and I will both be going to "school" for half a day, two days a week. I absolutely LOVE staying at home with her, but there are so many reasons I feel this little part time (it's really like quarter time, since it's not even close to 20 hours a week) job will be good for both of us. I am going to do a whole post about it soon, but I think it will be great for us to both get out of the house, support this ministry, and make a little extra money. The meeting went great and Annie and I had a relaxing day while it POURED outside.

I have a serious love/hate relationship with rainy days. I so love getting in my pjs, cuddling up with a blanket (and a baby) and reading or watching tv or whatever. It just feels so cozy and is so much fun to me! BUT, the rain always upsets my sinuses and gives me these TERRIBLE sinus headaches. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but yesterday Peyton even said "I really hope Ann Peyton doesn't have to deal with these headaches" because he knows how miserable they are. I kind of jumped on him about it. I've been reading about Baby Stellan and I told him that seriously, if headaches are the worst things she has to deal with she (and we) is really fortunate. In other fun news, although I though Peyton was going to be working 14 days straight, he got off yesterday and it looks like he may have another open day this week, yay! I haven't decided if we will try to pack it out like last Monday or just chill like yesterday....either option will be fun with my Sweetie and Babykins!

Well, I am about to go cook supper. I am fixing hamburger corn pie for Peyton. It is his FAVORITE. I'm not a big fan of casseroles, but coming from a big family he loves them. This is one I have a particular aversion to, but I try to cook it for him ever so often because he enjoys it so much. And I enjoy a good bowl of Rice Krispies for dinner every so often, too (wink)!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Many Outings Can One Week Hold?

ALOT! This week was seriously one of the busiest since Ann Peyton's arrival. I know I mentioned it in another post, but it's always fun to go back over the week (to me at least).

Monday was great because Peyton had the day off!
We took advantage of that and went down to visit Granny and PopPop in Hebron and then we had dinner with our friends the Roberts, at their house. It's always such fun to take Ann Peyton to visit her great grandparents and this trip was no exception! Awhile back, I wrote about how I had a new found desire for "crafting". Well, the last couple of times we've been to Granny and PopPop's, Granny has been teaching me to sew!! My main objective is to just learn to make a few little things for AP (especially since my Mom knows how to smock, but she can't used a machine). Several people I know like Ashley and Rachel, have started their own businesses and I'd love to think that would be an option one day if I get good enough! Supper with Morgan and Haydn was fabulous! Morgan cooked an excellent chicken dish and we laughed and laughed with the soon to be parents (AP came along with us).

was almost just as busy! It was my sweet little sister's 22nd birthday! Sidebar: the last half of the summer has just been awful for her...her asshole seriously unkind boyfriend cheated on her, broke up with her, and rubbed it in her face. She is honestly the most beautiful person inside and out, and it just makes me so angry (can you tell?). So, please be in prayer for her as she starts her senior year and also for a man worthy of her affection. Anyway, for her birthday, Neil (one of her old friends from highschool who was actually in my class) took her out for lunch and invited me and AP along. So met them for sushi at Sakura Bana. Then Cookie came by my house for a bit. For supper, my dad took us all to Char and it was lovely. Peyton's parents were delighted to keep Annie!

On Wednesday, I went to lunch with my Mom and her friends at We Love Yogurt. It was so much fun....Minnie's friends are a hoot! I laughed and laughed and they all took turns holding Ann Peyton. I was a little upset when she got mistaken for a boy, but what can you do, she was wearing pink? When she got mistaken again at the grocery store, I decided maybe we should invest in some bows/headbands (so far all the headbands have been too big and I don't think she has enough hair for bows)!

I had a great time on Thursday, when I got to go with my old college "friend group" to this supper fun place that I also mentioned in my crafting post. I am going to put up the picture later, but I want to do a whole post about it because it was kind of emotionally significant.

The weekend was pretty laid back. We had beans and rice at Mickey and Minnie's on Friday, of course and I spent a little of Saturday over there, as well. It was nice to have a couple of days without any real commitments. Then today Peyton was off again (yay!), we went to The Pointe to hear a guest speaker and then ran a few errands (we finally got a "first year calendar" haha)!

My Worst Fear Realized.....

Okay, maybe not my worst fear. But, if you remember this post from just a few days ago, you remember how I said I was scared some nonsensical draft was going to get posted. So, um, if you happen to read via Google Reader or subscribe to another feeder, just ignore that last post! I'll have the real one up later in the week. Hopefully, you'll be amused then and maybe it will actually be somewhat coherent!

Gosh, this is embarrassing.....almost like the time I feel down the stairs of the biology building my freshman year at MC, only a virtual face-flop this time!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

Time for another edition of Friday's Fave Five

[<span class=

So, I'll just go ahead and tell you that from now until...awhile , probably at least one of my favorite things each week will be baby clothing, a baby toy, or other baby gear. It just goes with the territory! And by the way, it is a powerful love that brings you into one of your own favorite stores (i.e. Target) only to find things for your babykins, bypassing all things for yourself!

So, here are my fave this week:

1. Boppy Pillow by Dwell Studio for Target

I love this pillow I got for Ann Peyton. It is so soft and I just LOVE these little "love birds". They are kind of my new thing. I don't use it that much for nursing, but we use it almost every day for tummy time and resting, as you can see.

2. Dwell Studio/Fisher Price 3 in 1 High Chair/Annie "Tasting" Table Food

Another Dwell Studio item; I'm kind of fond of the collection. Anyway, this chair is SOO cute and I try to buy most things unisex, just in case round two happens to be a boy. I love the little dishes and utensils and I also like that it is so versatile (regular high chair with base, high chair that attaches to real chair, and booster seat). I always try to find things that are able to be used in multiple ways. It did get recalled, but FP was super quick about sending us a replacement part! Anyway, we put her in it for the first time the other day and fed her a little bit of watermelon through her little mesh feeder....SO exciting!

3. Super Fun Times With Friends This Week
It's too bad I don't have any pictures downloaded yet, but things like bathing and changing diapers have to take priority. Anyway, I had so much fun seeing at least one friend every day this week: Monday- dinner with Morgan and Haydn at their house (Mary Milton was dying to be there; she's ready to come out according to Morgan)
Tuesday- sushi for lunch with Neil and Cookie; dinner with my family at Char for Cookie's birthday
Wednesday- lunch with Momma and her friends at We Love Yogurt
Thursday- painting with the friend group (my old college friends) at Easely Amused
I guess I decided to give an itenirary in lieu of pictures, haha. But I'm so glad I got to see so many fun people; it made the long days without Peyton go by so much quicker (he worked every day this week). Also, I tried to order smaller things, so we could stay within our eating out budget. It kind of helped that Daddy paid for everyone's dinner on Cookie's b-day (wink)!
4. This Great Devotion Book By Max Lucado

Seriously, this is probably the best devotional I've ever had! I love it because it has a short morning and evening devotion and has a place to write your thoughts at the bottom of each page; highly recommend it!

5. Peach Cobbler Made By Minnie

This isn't really her's, because I've already eaten the vast majority of it! How sweet is my mom to bake stuff and stock my fridge, because she's worried I'm so tired from AP's new schedule (really it isn't that bad....get up every four hours at night, three in the day; very doable).

So, that's my five for the week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Dress


So, this week is "Show Us Your Wedding Dress" on Kelly's Korner. I had the hardest time finding mine! I really would have loved to wear my mom's but it was kind of yellowish (I had loved playing dress up in it so much!) We seriously looked at every store in the Jackson area and two in Brookhaven. I only found a couple that I liked and they were WAY out of my (or should I say, Daddy's) price range. I wanted a really awesome reception and other things, and I wasn't interested in breaking the budget on a dress. Anyway....I seriously thought we were going to have to go to that huge place in Arkansas and look for one and I knew they weren't going to have my size, because I'm such an odd size and they just have what they have. But, we were visited my grandmother, Bump, in New Albany and we decided to try a place in Tupelo that we'd heard about. I actually found TWO dresses I liked. So, we ended up going back to choose about a month later. And here is the dress I chose:

It's a champagne color (snow white does not flatter me!) and is completely lace with a gold sash just under the bust. I'm not big in jewels, but I LOVE lace. I also loved that this one had a sort of antique/vintage feel which is so my style!

You can kind of get a better look at the top in these next few pictures.

Here I am hiking it up. Funny story about hiking the dress: when I was a flower girl in a wedding, I completely FREAKED OUT worrying about how the bride would "teetee" with that dress on. You know I have anxiety. I was almost in tears worrying about it. Luckily, I have a great sister and group of friends and that was a nonissue, ahem.
By the way, in case you're curious, the other one was a "cake topper dress", as my sister refereed to it, because that's what I looked like. It was a true ball gown with tons of tulle, and exactly what I thought I wanted. It was beautiful, too, but I did look a lot like a little girl in a cupcake dress. It just made me look so young...which is something I've been fighting since I was about 13. I know this one was the right decision and I still love it! I would love if AP wears it one day, or if she just plays dress up in it!

Also, one other really special thing about my dress. I am SO THANKFUL we ended up finding it in Tupelo, because Bump saw me in it both times I tried it on. She passed away the April before our June can read more here if you're interested (it's toward the bottom of the post). I know if I had found the dress in Jackson, she probably wouldn't have seen it. I kind of feel like it was a little wedding present the Lord, in His compassion, gave me, because it was SO hard not having her there.

I'm Tweeting

So, everyone probably knows how much I love The View. Well, they all just love to talk about Twitter and how they are tweeting. I kept thinking, hmm maybe I should try it. And then recently, Cookie told me she has gotten into Twitter (she also told me she could never have a blog...haha, I think she associates them with moms). So, I decided what the heck? It's not like I don't waste enough time reading blogs/on Facebook/posting on the blog/surfing ebay and etsy/imsuretheresmoreunproductiveactivities. Sidebar: I love the little Twitter birds. I've just recently become obsessed with little love birds like that. They are on my Boppy Pillow and I got a pad of Post-Its with them on it at Target. Love birds and owls are my faves these days. Sidebar within the sidebar: Cookie is going to be super goobed out if she reads this, because I'm not even remotely cool in that I'm talking about my Twitter account and breastfeeding pillow in the same post....true mom style, right?

So, if you tweet (that still cracks me up), you can follow me @Sarah_Denley.

On more thing, do you ever save drafts with an idea for a post? I have this fear one is going to get published and it's going to say something like "post about turkey sandwich" or "Peyton and the lady with the crazy rash" or "if you think the moon landing is a conspiracy, you should stop by my parents bathroom" or random things like that (I made up the turkey sandwich; the other two are real). Anyway, if blogger malfunctions and they all get published it's because I save my ideas as drafts; so now you know....right?

25 Random Things--#4 (Organizing Things)

So, I decided it was time again for another "random things" post. Random thing #4 from my list of 25 Random Things About Me is:

4. I love to organize things. My favorite chores are laundry, unloading the dishwasher and putting up groceries. These activities relax me.

Seriously, I know it's kind of weird, but I do love organizing. I'm very OCD about my closet, pens in my desk, AP's closet, and our kitchen cabinets. Also, as I stated, chores that involve organizing/putting things up really relax me. I tend to hate "cleaning" chores, but like "straightening" chores.

I also have several blogs about organizing that I follow, and I love to read articles in Real Simple or watch tv shows about organizing things. Last year, I even read a book about organizing things.

Some things I do to stay organized:
- I straighten my house daily FIRST THING.
- I attempt to make meal plans weekly.
- We use an online financial tool called Mint to budget our's very organized and user friendly
- LISTS. I love them. That is a whole other post, but to stay sane I must make at least one list a day.
- (This is a bit OCD, but) I have categories on my to-do list. Each day I attempt to do one cooking task, one cleaning task, one organizing task, ect. These aren't everyday things like making the bed; they are extra things such as "clean out fridge", "wash sheets", or "organize desk drawer". It may not make sense, I'll explain it better in a future post.

I do have to say, I struggle SO MUCH with time management. I just never feel like there are enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to get done.

This post was pretty fun; I think I'll do more posts about how I keep my life organized. I'd love to here any great organizational tips y'all have. Panda, remember when I totally ganked your "receipt holder" idea? Still have it, only now AP has her own little section, haha!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Turn Me Right Round, Daddy, Right Round"

"Just kidding, don't. I LOVE being upside down! Can't you tell?"

Getting ready to go again

It cracks me up how they are making the exact same face in the bottom picture....pretty much mirror image (except upside down)!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Friend-Filled Week

This past week was definitely friend-filled! On Wednesday evening, I went to dinner with my best friend, Logan, and met some of her sweet friends. One of them happens to read my blog and so we decided that we needed to meet. I told Logan I was so excited to meet Rachel so we could be IRL (in real life) friends. She really made fun of me about that one (I don't know why; she's the one who texts TTYL to her dad)! AP was a little fussy for the first meeting with her new friend (late afternoons are not her best time), but Rachel held her like they were old pals!

Then, on Thursday, I went to lunch with a few of my college friends: Logan (again), Sue and Ashley. It was so much fun to catch up with everyone and this time Ann Peyton slept through the whole thing! After that, Logan came over and Cookie met us at my house and we had fun just talking all afternoon. It was really good to hang out with Logan, because we talked a ton about our opinions about certain things (which sometimes differ a bit) and it was really good, for me, to get to a place of common ground. I've said if before, but sometimes it's hard being in a different place than most of my college friends, but after Thursday, I really felt better about it. I will probably end up doing a post about some of these issues (mostly about raising children) if I can figure out how to do it without offending people. Does it seem like every post I think of a new post? It does to me!

I told Peyton Thursday night what I had gotten done. Well, I did "nurture some relationships". I say that, because Peyton is a relationship man. He tries so hard to make time for his friends and family, in spite of his busy schedule and commitments and I love that about him. Sometimes I think "I've got so much to do", but I feel like calling/seeing a friend is just as important. Well, guess what my precious husband said? "Sweetie, this is what's called an off day. You don't ever get days off, like I do, so you deserve a break every once in awhile". Oh my gosh....melt my heart!

Friday was pretty uneventful, but on Saturday, I helped give a baby shower for my friend Morgan. She is having a baby girl in a few weeks, who also has a double name and will be Ann Peyton's best friend! I am so excited to meet this baby girl I could pop (haha, I bet Morgan could, too). I also went by our friends', Price and Lydia, house, and picked up some fun stuff for AP that their baby has outgrown. I can't wait for Kelly's carnival about Baby Gear; for some reason researching it, getting it, putting it together, ect. excites me to know end. Incidentally, I spent the better part of the day washing and reassembling some of the stuff from Price and Lydia.....ahh two of my faves, laundry and putting together baby equipment!

Tomorrow, we are off to Hebron to visit Granny and PopPop and then home for dinner with Morgan and Haydn. Then Peyton will be working 12 hour days for two weeks straight (ugh)!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Because I Love a Little Comparison Study: Shoe Box Full of Memories

So, you may remember me talking about this little chair that's in my sunroom last week in my Show Us Where You Live Friday post and how it was in my bedroom when I was a little girl.

I knew I remembered a picture of me and my sister, Cookie (her real name is Ann Whitten), in the chair. Well, tonight I finally got over to my parents' house and dug through the shoe boxes full of photographs my mom keeps saying she's going to organize and.....

Yeah, still haven't figured out the old scanner, so it's a picture of a picture, but isn't it sweet?

Here's a slightly more recent picture of me and AW

Gosh, it was so much fun going through those shoe boxes and reminiscing about the old days. I seriously had THE BEST childhood and I have a draft of a post about it that I just need to add a little more to.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Big Decision

So, I can now tell y'all about the big decisions I've been talking about and asking you to pray about....Peyton is changing jobs!

He is just changing to another pharmacy in the area, so it may not seem like the hugest deal, but it was very hard for him to leave his store. He worked at that Rite Aid as a tech during pharmacy school and then when the store had an opening after he graduated (he worked for one year as a hospital pharmacist) he was so excited. He's been there for several years.

Peyton (and I, to an extent) have gotten so close to the people there. His partner gave us a baby shower and so many of his patients gave us wedding gifts and baby presents. He has countless customers who know Ann Peyton's name and ask about her. They love to give him tips and advice about babies! There are so many families like this, and a few that he has really gotten to be really good friends with.

So, we really hashed over the decision, so much. We seriously talked about it EVERY night. I was so proud of Peyton when he finally made the decision (he's indecisive like me!).

BUT, the time has come to move on. The thing is Rite Aid, as a company, is not doing great and Peyton's store, being a smaller/slower store, has been in danger of closing. It has just been so stressful for him worrying about potentially loosing his job. If it were just him, and maybe even if we were married, but didn't have a child, I think he would have stayed. But he is so dedicated to protecting us, and providing stability for this family (I thank the Lord so much for that). So this is definitely the right decision!

Also, a bonus of the new job is the schedule. Really, at first I was sort of disappointed, because Peyton will now be working shorter days, but more of them. His shifts will be eight hours instead of twelve, so it will be a much more traditional schedule (another option was 14 hour days; I did NOT like that). Like I said, at first I didn't like it because it meant he would have so many entire days of with us. But, as his dad (my father in law is so sweet!) pointed out, twelve hours by myself with the baby can be tough some days (I know some people have it ALOT worse, there spouses work way more, or they are single parents). As she gets older and sleeps less and less, I think this is more and more true. By the way, how sweet is it of Mr. Randy to be looking out for me like that? I also think that as AP gets older and is more aware of his presence/absence it will be good for her to see him every day, and she wouldn't with the twelve hour schedule.

He won't be leaving Right Aid for another month and in this time he'll be picking up ALOT of extra days (because so many pharmacists have left the company recently, he feels like he needs to do this for a company that did so much for him). So this month may be a little harder, but I'm definitely excited about the new job!

Also, I want to ask you all, even those that don't comment often (I know I have readers that never comment for whatever reason, because they've told me), what can I pray for YOU about? I do pray for my little group of readers (even those I don't know in real life), but these prayers are sometimes so general. Anyway, I know that many of y'all have been faithful about praying for us through this decision and about our precious little girl's weight gain. So, PLEASE let me know how I can pray specifically for you....nothing is too small! Lately, God has amazed me (I don't know why I don't expect it) in answering both big and "small" prayers (I'll have to do a post on that sometime soon). Well, He answers ALL prayers, but you know what I mean....gave me a very clear answer. So, let me know in the comments or if you don't feel comfortable just e-mail me (

Flashback Friday- Logi Bear {June 13, 2008}

I decided not to participate in Kelly's Friday carnival this week. Show Us Where You Live is over and this week is Kid's Birthday Parties. Since AP in nowhere near her first birthday, I haven't really put that much thought into her party. So, I decided I'd do a "Friday Flashback". Note: I have NO idea who started "Flashback Friday"; I see it everywhere but couldn't find the original, with the Mr. Linky and all that. Anyway, if you know, let me know, so I can link back.

I decided to post this picture of me and my friend Logan, since we got together on Wednesday AND Thursday this week.

This is us at my bridesmaids' luncheon, just over a year ago. Seriously, if I didn't have a sister who is also my best friend, this one would have been my maid of honor. I need to do an entire post about Logan and how we met by "chance", but for now I will just say that she was an amazing roomate and a great BFF!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Packing List for Trips with a Babykins (or The Last Trip Post...Finally!)

So, I had NO idea what to pack for this trip. I guess that's why I thought this post would be helpful, both for other moms and as a reminder to myself for later trips. Although, I think only about half my readership (all nine people) have children. But, if you're married (or living like you are) you never know when you might get one (wink)!

Anyway, onto the post. Somebody told me to just pack everything I thought I might possibly need. But, as I've mentioned before, we were traveling five people in a Buick, so that wasn't really feasible. Again, I'll remind you visually:

[On+the+Road_20090710_001.<span class=

So, I had to make some decisions. The two large items that I felt were most important were Ann Peyton's Pack N Play and her travel swing. The general consensus on the Pack N Play was that we could do without it and just make her a palate on the floor. But, I really felt safer with her in some sort of bed, and it packs up pretty nicely, hence the name. Also, it has a changing table, so there was no question about changing her on the bed/dirty floor/wherever. And, it was a safe place to put her while we got ready or did other things in the hotel room. Overall, I was glad we brought it.

The swing: Ann Peyton loves her swing. We were given a full size swing, but I got her a travel swing for this very reason before she even arrived. We actually set it up sometimes in Peyton's study, but it's also nice to have for trips. Peyton really didn't think we should take it, but I insisted ("this is why we have it, Honey"). Truly, it's relatively compact and she enjoys spending so much of her day at home relaxing in her swing that I was kind of nervous about not taking it. Please don't judge me about her napping in the swing; I'm glad we're out of the stage where she sleeps in it at night! Long story short, the swing stayed in the trunk the entire trip. We walked around so much that the brief amount of time we were in the hotel, she was totally zonked out! I think it would have been more useful on a longer, less whirlwind type of trip. So, I'll probably still take it on future trips.

In addition, I packed her her own little suitcase with several changes of clothes and pajamas (there were a couple of accidents, as usual) and extra burp clothes, changing pads (glad to have on those nasty bathroom changing tables), bibs (she's drooling gallons) and blankets (great for freezing restaurants), and a hat. I also brought her little star soother and Sleep Sheep, since she was away from her aquarium and mobile in her crib. W edidn't use these, either--as I said she was zonked. But better safe than sorry. I brought the breast pump and some formula in case we needed to supplement (we didn't!) and a rice sock which is good to heat up when she has tummy gas. Since there was no microwave or fridge the pump and sock were pretty useless. I think I'll call ahead next time to find out, since the pump is kind of a hassle to pack up and tote around. I guess I could have put the bottles of milk in the ice bucket and just kept it full of ice, but there was really no need, she (and I) needed to take a break every three hours or so anyway. Also, we brought the baby front/back carrier and a sling. Peyton wouldn't use the sling and she's getting so heavy (yay!) so it didn't really get used.

Of course, I stocked up on the basics, like diapers and wipes, which was a new thing (sorta) because we use cloth diapers at home (we use disposables when we go out, because I love the earth, but I'm NOT GOING TO CARRY POOP IN MY PURSE-or diaper bag-even if it is in a ziplock baggy!). And I made sure to bring all her medicine (gas medicine, Tylenol and Ambosal for her teeth, and sunscreen (which Peyton okayed). I think that's all, which should be enough, since we were gone only about 96 hours, haha! I also thought I'd mention.....
Things I Didn't Bring But Thought About: stroller- Cookie told us not to bring a stroller, that they were "annoying", and our bulky travel system stroller would have clearly fit the bill (I say "bulky"; it really isn't as far as travel systems go, but compared to a little umbrella stroller- which she's not ready for- it is). Also, had we brought it, not much else would have fit in the Buick.
infant tub- Yeah, I thought about it and there was no way for this one, either. The one bath she had was in the sink and she screamed the whole time, but it was fine.
playmat- It wouldn't have taken up much room, but I didn't think it was necessary and would just be another thing to keep up with. Since she didn't use her soother or swing, I doubt she would have found time for the playmat, either (wink).
monitor- Okay, I'm not even kidding; I thought about it. The thing goes off if she stops breathing (not that she's ever given us any indication she would do this) and it just gives me security. But that would have been such a pain and I don't even think it would have worked in the Pack N Play. So, those three nights were a good exercise in fighting anxiety and strengthening my faith.

and..... Things I Didn't Bring But Should Have Thought About:
Teethers- Not sure how we would've kept them cold, but I could have brought the mesh ones you put ice in.
(more) Changing Pads- They just get yucky, enough said.

Also, a couple of things I forgot to mention in my travel post:

During the course of our twelve hour drive, I came as close as I've ever been to paradise, when I encountered a Target and a TJ Maxx right next door to one another. Seriously, how lovely would it be to park, go to Target and then stroll a few yards and go to the TJ, or vice versa? But alas, there was no Marshalls in sight (like in Jackson, where it's right next door to the TJ Maxx), so if you find something you like, but in the wrong size there's no popping over to the same store with a different name, like here. I guess I had to find the gray cloud around the silver lining!

Anybody heard of an Omelette Shoppe? Seriously, I used to beg Peyton to take me to Waffle House (I'm a cheap date, I know). Then there was the time I risked my life to go to one really sketchy International House of Pancakes outside Clinton at a really inappropriate hour of the night with only girls (my mom seemed to have been the most concerned about the fact there were not male chaperones). And, the times I visited the Huddle House in Union County with Bump were not infrequent (the times I got sick from it were not infrequent, either). I tell you all this to show that I am no stranger to fine breakfast eateries. But an Omlette Shoppe, that was a first.....too bad there was no time to stop and sample.

In the Ring

In the first corner, in the sleek black coat and weighing in at 12.6 lbs is Darth Kitty Herrington.

In the second corner, weighing in at 13.0, is the ferocious General Robert E. Lee Herrington.

and in the third corner, weighing in at 10 lbs 3 oz, is the returning champion,

Way to go, champ......we are so proud of you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Wonderful Vacation

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the beautiful southern city of Charleston, South Carolina. In fact, Peyton (who really didn't want to go at first) has now decided that we should live there for a year, as well as New York. Anyway, I wanted to tell y'all all about it. By the way, we really did ALOT for the short amount of time we were there. My family isn't always good about planning things; last year we kind of wasted time too much in NYC. So I was proud of us! Seriously, this might be super boring, so if you don't like reading details of trips, skip it!

We drove the thirteenish hours starting at around 7:00am. On the way there, we had lunch at Krystal and the power went out, so we got our food for free (the registers didn't work)! When we got there, we went to dinner at a fun place called S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad), which was within walking distance of our hotel, The Indigo Inn. The inn was really neat and had a courtyard in the middle of it.

Then we crashed. Ann Peyton slept in her Pack N Play, but as you may remember from this post, she likes to snuggle with her Daddy before bedtime.


On Saturday, I put on my walking shoes and Peyton put on the baby carrier and we all went to the Market Area.

I was super excited about my purchases. I got a sun hat (Peyton got a hat too, but that goes without saying, as he has a hat obsession).

I also got a couple of things for AP. I got her this cute swim suit (it's a 24 month, but she'll wear it one day!).

And this doll house.

I'll go ahead and tell you that this is not necessarily the doll house I would dream of for my little girl. I had a beautiful one when I was little, and I'd love for her to have a special dollhouse one day, too. I really envision something a little more classic and traditional for her. But this one is cute and it was a steal! And Peyton swears that a little boy with an older sister would enjoy it, too ( day, maybe!)

Peyton and I had lunch at a little place called Sticky Fingers and AP was exhausted (everyone else ordered in). And yeah, that's Annie under his napkin (don't worry, he assured me he's "holding" her with his knees)!

Then we rested for a bit and then went to dinner (we're the kinda folks that do a lot of eating on trips like this!). We went to Five Loaves for supper....yum!

All the tables have cute quotes on them.


We slept in a bit and had a late breakfast and then hit Rainbow Row, which is an area of beautiful old houses. It's by Battery Park, which overlooks Fort Sumter, and seeing it all was neat, from a historical perspective. Anyway, the houses are all different colors (not bright Seaside/Neshoba colors, but a more muted rainbow). They were all so pretty and most had gated gardens you could peak into.

Peyton and I had lunch at Hymans, which had great seafood, and then we all headed to the beach! The beaches were beautiful in their own way, but totally different from Florida! Also, I have to say, it was fun getting to go do a couple of things with Peyton alone, thanks to all the willing babysitters!

We ate at Hymans again for supper, it was that good! I had a crab cake dish and it was AMAZING! I guess there's something with attaching stuff to the tables here, because they had these little signs on all the tables (we also saw Metallica and Neil Diamond)!

I got one last picture in front of the hotel.


We got off bright and early (before 8:00) and headed back for Jackson. I think Ann Peyton enjoyed the trip, but she was glad to be back in her own crib in her own nursery in her own house.