Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Facebook Meme....15 Things/People That Have Made My Life Better

So, a friend of mine on FB made a list of 15 things/people that had made her life better. I thought it was a fun little exercise, so I made my own. Here it is...

1. the Lord
2. Peyton
3. Ann Peyton
4. kosher dill pickles
5. Coca Cola
6. vacations
7. to do lists
8. having a blog and reading other people's
9. becoming a momma
10. knowing how to read
11. seeing Ann Peyton's smile
12. hearing Peyton say that I am the best wife and momma and he is proud of me
13. having a husband who takes providing for our family seriously
14. having parents that loved me AND loved each other
15. Oreos

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