Friday, July 17, 2009

The Big Decision

So, I can now tell y'all about the big decisions I've been talking about and asking you to pray about....Peyton is changing jobs!

He is just changing to another pharmacy in the area, so it may not seem like the hugest deal, but it was very hard for him to leave his store. He worked at that Rite Aid as a tech during pharmacy school and then when the store had an opening after he graduated (he worked for one year as a hospital pharmacist) he was so excited. He's been there for several years.

Peyton (and I, to an extent) have gotten so close to the people there. His partner gave us a baby shower and so many of his patients gave us wedding gifts and baby presents. He has countless customers who know Ann Peyton's name and ask about her. They love to give him tips and advice about babies! There are so many families like this, and a few that he has really gotten to be really good friends with.

So, we really hashed over the decision, so much. We seriously talked about it EVERY night. I was so proud of Peyton when he finally made the decision (he's indecisive like me!).

BUT, the time has come to move on. The thing is Rite Aid, as a company, is not doing great and Peyton's store, being a smaller/slower store, has been in danger of closing. It has just been so stressful for him worrying about potentially loosing his job. If it were just him, and maybe even if we were married, but didn't have a child, I think he would have stayed. But he is so dedicated to protecting us, and providing stability for this family (I thank the Lord so much for that). So this is definitely the right decision!

Also, a bonus of the new job is the schedule. Really, at first I was sort of disappointed, because Peyton will now be working shorter days, but more of them. His shifts will be eight hours instead of twelve, so it will be a much more traditional schedule (another option was 14 hour days; I did NOT like that). Like I said, at first I didn't like it because it meant he would have so many entire days of with us. But, as his dad (my father in law is so sweet!) pointed out, twelve hours by myself with the baby can be tough some days (I know some people have it ALOT worse, there spouses work way more, or they are single parents). As she gets older and sleeps less and less, I think this is more and more true. By the way, how sweet is it of Mr. Randy to be looking out for me like that? I also think that as AP gets older and is more aware of his presence/absence it will be good for her to see him every day, and she wouldn't with the twelve hour schedule.

He won't be leaving Right Aid for another month and in this time he'll be picking up ALOT of extra days (because so many pharmacists have left the company recently, he feels like he needs to do this for a company that did so much for him). So this month may be a little harder, but I'm definitely excited about the new job!

Also, I want to ask you all, even those that don't comment often (I know I have readers that never comment for whatever reason, because they've told me), what can I pray for YOU about? I do pray for my little group of readers (even those I don't know in real life), but these prayers are sometimes so general. Anyway, I know that many of y'all have been faithful about praying for us through this decision and about our precious little girl's weight gain. So, PLEASE let me know how I can pray specifically for you....nothing is too small! Lately, God has amazed me (I don't know why I don't expect it) in answering both big and "small" prayers (I'll have to do a post on that sometime soon). Well, He answers ALL prayers, but you know what I mean....gave me a very clear answer. So, let me know in the comments or if you don't feel comfortable just e-mail me (


Ashley said...

I'm glad you both have a peace about this decision!

Carrie said...

How exciting! I hope yall have a smooth transition :o)