Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Friend-Filled Week

This past week was definitely friend-filled! On Wednesday evening, I went to dinner with my best friend, Logan, and met some of her sweet friends. One of them happens to read my blog and so we decided that we needed to meet. I told Logan I was so excited to meet Rachel so we could be IRL (in real life) friends. She really made fun of me about that one (I don't know why; she's the one who texts TTYL to her dad)! AP was a little fussy for the first meeting with her new friend (late afternoons are not her best time), but Rachel held her like they were old pals!

Then, on Thursday, I went to lunch with a few of my college friends: Logan (again), Sue and Ashley. It was so much fun to catch up with everyone and this time Ann Peyton slept through the whole thing! After that, Logan came over and Cookie met us at my house and we had fun just talking all afternoon. It was really good to hang out with Logan, because we talked a ton about our opinions about certain things (which sometimes differ a bit) and it was really good, for me, to get to a place of common ground. I've said if before, but sometimes it's hard being in a different place than most of my college friends, but after Thursday, I really felt better about it. I will probably end up doing a post about some of these issues (mostly about raising children) if I can figure out how to do it without offending people. Does it seem like every post I think of a new post? It does to me!

I told Peyton Thursday night what I had gotten done. Well, I did "nurture some relationships". I say that, because Peyton is a relationship man. He tries so hard to make time for his friends and family, in spite of his busy schedule and commitments and I love that about him. Sometimes I think "I've got so much to do", but I feel like calling/seeing a friend is just as important. Well, guess what my precious husband said? "Sweetie, this is what's called an off day. You don't ever get days off, like I do, so you deserve a break every once in awhile". Oh my gosh....melt my heart!

Friday was pretty uneventful, but on Saturday, I helped give a baby shower for my friend Morgan. She is having a baby girl in a few weeks, who also has a double name and will be Ann Peyton's best friend! I am so excited to meet this baby girl I could pop (haha, I bet Morgan could, too). I also went by our friends', Price and Lydia, house, and picked up some fun stuff for AP that their baby has outgrown. I can't wait for Kelly's carnival about Baby Gear; for some reason researching it, getting it, putting it together, ect. excites me to know end. Incidentally, I spent the better part of the day washing and reassembling some of the stuff from Price and Lydia.....ahh two of my faves, laundry and putting together baby equipment!

Tomorrow, we are off to Hebron to visit Granny and PopPop and then home for dinner with Morgan and Haydn. Then Peyton will be working 12 hour days for two weeks straight (ugh)!

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