Monday, July 6, 2009

A Fun Filled Fourth

We definitely had a fun, exciting Fourth of July weekend. Friday was pretty laid back. I did clean my kitchen cabinets (yay) and then had Red Beans and Rice at my parent's house with Ellis. BTW, I don't think anyone has cleaned those cabinets in the last ten years. I kind of kept making excuses since I moved in--first I was looking for a job, then I was pregnant, had a new baby, ect. I decided since I'm not getting out much due to AP's new schedule, now is the time to get these things done, even if I am exhausted. I mean the older she gets the more attention she'll need in a way (she still sleeps so much!). Speaking of sleeping, we are now able to give her three hours between feedings, instead of two. I think this will be alot easier on me and her. It was so hard for her, because she'd just be settling into her nap and 15 minutes later it was time to wake her up!

Moving on, Saturday was FABULOUS! We went to Ann and Joe's "Country Cabin" as they call it, which is about 45 minutes outside of Jackson. There was great food and we got to see tons of good friends. Ann and Joe are my parents friends and so all their friends and their children and grandchildren were there. It was so much fun to see everyone and it's something that I look forward to every year. I think Ann Peyton enjoyed it, too! When we got home we were all exhausted; we had planned to go watch the fireworks over the reservoir at my parents, but we were just too tired. We listened to to them from our house instead. Sunday was really relaxing. We went to early church together and then Peyton had to work. I came home and took a nap and caught up on some reading. It was the perfect weekend! Here are a few pictures.

Our weekly family picture before the Fourth of July festivities.....notice we ALL had on red, white, and blue. Yeah, we're kinda cheesy like that!

"Mickey", "Minnie", and Ann Peyton

A close up of AP, taking a nap at Ann and Joe's

When we got home.......she was zonked out!

Since Ann Peyton's new routine has been almost like having a newborn--getting up at night, countless diapers (that I'm actually counting to make sure she's getting enough to eat), and lots of feedings; I told Peyton that I was going to try to take it easy this week and just get us ready for the Charleston trip. He was so sweet and was like "just tell me what I need to do to help you!" What a great hubby!


Carrie said...

Sweet pictures! Sounds like yall had a fun weekend! I hope Ann Peyton is gaining lots of weight! :o)

Those things on Aubrey's arms are part of her dress. They're little strawberries (I think). They did kinda look like bandaids in that pic though!

Ashley said...

Cute outfit that AP has on! Hoping all is going well on the weight front...keep us posted!

Carrie said...

We got those pacifiers at Target. They're Avent brand, and they came with the little covers. Love them!