Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun Times

Today has been fun, albeit somewhat tiring. I think we caught it from Ashley at lunch today or maybe it's the fact that I woke up at around 5:30am which is not something I've made a habit of since high school, but after a busy morning, AP and I came home and both kind of crashed.

I had to wake up so early for an appointment with the dermatologist. I had these weird bumps on my back and needed to get them checked out (gross!). Anyway, glad that's done with. He gave me some cream and hopefully they'll disappear.

Then I had lunch with Carrie and Ashley. Seriously, we had such a good time and (surprisingly) there was hardly any fussiness at all! We did kind of take over a little section of the restaurant though; it kind of looked like a baby zone! It's always so much fun to get together with other moms, especially ones who have babies close to AP's age (sometimes I think maybe my college friends, sweet as they are, get tired of talking about diapers and carseats and spit-up). It was also good to share in my emotional anguish over Stellan. Seriously, not many people get why I'm so torn up over this....but you read somebody's blog long enough and it's like you know them (I know me and the gazillion other MckMama readers, right?) Peyton had to tell me to get a grip the other day when I wanted to rush home to check on him (via Twitter).

And then this afternoon I went through a bunch of children's books I brought home from my parents' house. I sorted them and put the age-appropriate ones in her room and boxed the others up to go to the attic.

And I am exhausted. And I feel guilty. I mean what did I do to make myself this tired? A trip to the doctor, a social engagement, and a organizational task should not a tired mom make, right? It got me a little nervous about all the mornings I'm going to have to be getting up early for Mother's Morning Out. I am seriously hoping that by the time it starts (September) AP will be back to sleeping through the night. I already realized that in order to get 8 hours of sleep, I am going to have to go to bed at ten. Which doesn't really seem ideal, since Peyton's new job will require him to work until ten every day every other week. I may just have to go back to afternoon naps like I did in the good old days in college. Anyway, whatever, I've been a bit of a gripe lately and I don't want my blog to be just whining and complaining all the time!

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Carrie said...

Do NOT feel guilty for being tired!! You have a baby who can't sleep through the night and you got up at the crack of dawn! I complain about being tired when Aubrey wakes up at 7:30 AND she sleeps through the night! Anyway, lunch was so fun :o)