Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gearing Up for Charleston and an Annie Update

Things have been pretty uneventful around here, compared to last week. As I said, I kind of tried to take things easy this week, with Ann Peyton's new schedule and the upcoming trip, I just did not want to get overwhelmed. Anyway, Peyton was off yesterday and Monday, so I was able to get some stuff done. On Monday we ran some errands and then yesterday I went up to our church for an important meeting (I'll be blogging about that soon). Today, I am staying home and trying to tackle all the laundry, ironing, ect. so I'll have tomorrow free to pack and do any last minute things. And tonight, Ann Peyton and I will both be going to the ladies Bible study at Morgan's (I told Morgan that as dainty and sweet as she is, I don't know that she really qualifies as a "lady" yet, but she insisted it was okay for me to bring her). Also, my sweet Momma made my week a bit easier, too, by sending us some A-M-A-ZING chicken spaghetti (she put extra cheese in it). Seriously, I could channel Boo and Big and do an entire post about the cheesy goodness of it. She also sent over some Berry Tea. She makes about four different kinds of REALLY good iced teas in the summer, and this is her latest. By some good fortune she happened to know somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who had the recipe for THE berry tea from Bon Ami. Seriously, if you live in the Metro Jackson area and haven't had it, you defiantly should (or just email me for the recipe--it's fairly easy as evidenced by the fact that I've made it myself before) is one of the defining beverages of summer for me (is it weird there are several beverages that define summer for me?).

Anyway, on to the important stuff. And by important, I mean more important that drinking ice cold berry tea and (still) listening to patriotic music. What could be more important than that you ask? Why, Ann Peyton's weight gain adventure, of course! So the update on Annie: she seems to be thriving. Of course, she is perfectly healthy, just petite, and has been thriving since she was born, but....whatever. Her new schedule is working out well for both of us. Nursing every three hours really suits her (and obviously me) better than two. She just wasn't getting any nap time and I think she was using alot of energy (and therefore calories) being restless.
So we (why do I say that? Peyton ovbiously doesn't have breasts, and I have yet to be able to pump even one ounce since this fiasco started) I have been feeding her every three hours during the day and every four at night. It seems to agree with us. We decided not to go for a weight check until after the trip. Peyton encouraged this, because she probably has only gained a few ounces (that would be what she was sopposed to do), and that could be discouraging. She is producing ALOT more wet diapers and a few more dirty ones, which are both good signs. That's really all I can tell ya'll for now, but be assured when we do get her weighed, I will post an update. Oh and by the way, I also made the decision that on the trip, I will probably allow myself the luxury of giving her the formula supplement once a day. We just decided it would be good for her and me, because that way I won't freak out if she does end up going around four hours between two of her feeding once or twice a day. Speaking of....

I have really been working on getting things together for this trip. I absolutely love the planning/packing part of traveling (weird I know) and even though it's only Friday-Monday, the planner/packer/control freak in me won't let me let this be easy, haha! Take this morning for example: when I was up around 4:00 for a feeding, I decided to get a little packing done. I've also been making all kinds mental and physical lists to get ready. I've gotten some things packed and yesterday I stopped by Babies R Us to get a few essentials for the trip. I got AP these fun items:
"Keep It Klean" panda closes when you drop it. We are having issues keeping our pacis clean lately!
These little Advent pacis have holders that snap on so they don't get gross in your purse/diaper bag. We'll see if she takes either.
Another product for the "clean paci" issue.
I got her some sunscreen, but then read that you're not supposed to use it until they're six months. We're going to let the pharmacist make that call.
How cute is this "Berry Teether"? I thought it was adorable and ingenious so I got it, too. FYI, I saw three different brands of "pacifier thermometers" (Peyton thought he was going to invent one, haha) and one pacifier medicine giver...can you believe it?

Time to go get myself and Babykins ready for the Bible study!


Ashley said...

I'm so glad that AP is doing well!

I LOVE Bon Ami berry tea!

I am going to get one of those berry teethers....I think Evy might like it! Have a great trip!

Jamie Ford said...

I'm going to need the Bon Ami berry tea recipe ASAP! (
Glad to hear AP is doing well with her new schedule! Hope y'all have a wonderful trip, and when you get back, we need to make plans to do dinner one night. We want to see AP (and you and Peyton) BAD!