Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Tweeting

So, everyone probably knows how much I love The View. Well, they all just love to talk about Twitter and how they are tweeting. I kept thinking, hmm maybe I should try it. And then recently, Cookie told me she has gotten into Twitter (she also told me she could never have a blog...haha, I think she associates them with moms). So, I decided what the heck? It's not like I don't waste enough time reading blogs/on Facebook/posting on the blog/surfing ebay and etsy/imsuretheresmoreunproductiveactivities. Sidebar: I love the little Twitter birds. I've just recently become obsessed with little love birds like that. They are on my Boppy Pillow and I got a pad of Post-Its with them on it at Target. Love birds and owls are my faves these days. Sidebar within the sidebar: Cookie is going to be super goobed out if she reads this, because I'm not even remotely cool in that I'm talking about my Twitter account and breastfeeding pillow in the same post....true mom style, right?

So, if you tweet (that still cracks me up), you can follow me @Sarah_Denley.

On more thing, do you ever save drafts with an idea for a post? I have this fear one is going to get published and it's going to say something like "post about turkey sandwich" or "Peyton and the lady with the crazy rash" or "if you think the moon landing is a conspiracy, you should stop by my parents bathroom" or random things like that (I made up the turkey sandwich; the other two are real). Anyway, if blogger malfunctions and they all get published it's because I save my ideas as drafts; so now you know....right?

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