Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today was such a good day! A couple of not great things did happen. First, I found some outfits for Ann Peyton that were marked WAY DOWN at this online childrens' boutique (these were like $40 outfits for over half off) . Anyway, I went ahead and ordered a few things for next summer, because she has plenty for this summer. My mom has gotten me in this habit of buying things in advance if they are on sale. Anyway, with one of them I ordered the wrong thing (right pattern, wrong outfit). Second, so you know how we do cloth diapers? Usually (with any laundry) I either fold it and put it up immediately or I put it in a clean laundry bag if it doesn't matter if it wrinkles, because the kitties love clean clothes! Well, last time I washed diapers, I left them on a chair for a few minutes and sure enough when I got back there was Darth snuggled up beside them. I looked over them pretty good and it didn't seem like she had actually gotten on them, so I just put them up. Well, this morning I found about six kitty hairs on AP's butt! I'm sure she's going to get some kind of feline infection in her down there.

BUT, it was a great day! I guess part of it is that now in addition to being a momma, one of my primary tasks of my current job is housework and today I got to do mostly chores I like! I don't know what it is, but I LOVE to do laundry and pack. I just really like organizational tasks. I find them very fulfilling. So, pretty much all I did today was: laundry/packing/ironing, some baking goodies for the trip, a last minute trip to Target, and a feeble attempt to get my inbox and Google Reader somewhat under control.

I also started a special about the presidents that I had dvred last week. I love the History channel and I've always found the presidents particularly interesting. In fact, I took an entire class about them in college. It was pretty interesting, but it was a 400 level class and somewhat tedious. This was neat because it was more about their personalities and neat facts than about policies and ideologies (which is interesting in it's on right). Like, who knew that during the early days of our nation, ice cream was considered a delicacy and that Dolly Madison's favorite flavor was oyster?

A few more randoms from the day:

Did anybody else listen to the MJ memorial the other day? Seriously, I did not know what to think when I heard Reverand Al Sharpton say this to his children- "There weren't nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with but he dealt with it". Wait, yes I did: Don't deceive the children! I mean, the man was an amazing entertainer, a true humanitarian, and by most accounts a pretty nice guy, but let's not mince words, he did some (I use the term "some" very loosely) strange things. Okay, I've said my peace on that.

At Target today, I got to thinking about a post I read recently by another "mommy blogger". She was talking about how she didn't want "Unattended Child" laws, which are laws that are in place to prevent people from leaving their children alone in a car, to pass in her state. Her argument was that she leaves her kids in the car (she had like four under the age of six) while she puts up the shopping cart, because it's safer than having all four of them walk across the busy parking lot when she only has two hands to hold onto them with. When I read this I first thought of my friend, Kourtney, whose parents used to put her and her sisters (three of them total) in those little leash/harness things and I thought that might be an effective solution. Well, when I began taking AP places with me, I knew I was not going to leave her in the car, but I also didn't want to be THAT woman who leaves her cart in the middle of a parking place. So, I just did what made sense to me. I parked next to the cart return thing. Now, I realize this is not always possible and I'm not judging that mom, I'm just saying, I know MANY people who will circle a parking lot multiple times looking for a spot close to the store, so why not just make one by a cart receptacle your goal? Apparently, a few other parents had my idea because right there in the cart return thing was a half-full baby bottle and pacifier. I don't know, I'm kind of anxiety prone, as evidenced by the fact that I won't leave her in the car in my own driveway while I unload groceries and we live in a nice middle class neighborhood in the very middle of suburbia. What do you think?

I better finish up some packing, because the Buick is pulling out of here at 6:00 am. Another weird random about me: I love getting up early for events like this. Now, to run a marathon or go to work, I think not. But getting an early start for something like a vacation or giving birth; that's just plain exciting!

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