Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday-Baby Shower Edition

It's that time again.....time for me to confess my embarrassing moments of the week. This week is special, because it's all about the baby shower I helped give a few weekends back. I know it's not this week, but I composed it before the "Not Me" sabbatical that occurred for good reason, due to a recent scare with Stellan. So glad everything's okay and everything is back to normal for him and Jennifer (if there's any such thing!).

First, I did not, in preparing the fruit salad, almost let a bug get into it. Because as I was washing the blueberries and some slipped into the sink they did not really look like said bug that was already in my sink. And I had not gone to the grocery store earlier that day to get the fruit sans makeup, because I did not know that I ALWAYS see someone I know at Kroger. When I did see two people I knew, I was not thankful my child is so precious, they probably didn't look at me once during our fifteen minute conversation.

Also, I was not in a huge rush on Saturday morning and I did not leave Ann Peyton in her cloth diaper from the night before for her precious babysitter (and grandmother), Minnie to change. I would not do this because I know they totally gross Minnie out. I also did not forget my present, even though I was a hostess.

Once I got there, I did not call the mother of the honoree and my good friend, by my friend's maiden name, even though her mother is remarried and has been the entire time I've known them.

So, as a recap: I'm the girl who tries to serve people bugs with their fruit, forgets to bring a present to the shower she is hosting, and calls people by the name of their divorced husband, even though they've been remarried for probably as long as I've been alive.

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