Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Wonderful Vacation

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the beautiful southern city of Charleston, South Carolina. In fact, Peyton (who really didn't want to go at first) has now decided that we should live there for a year, as well as New York. Anyway, I wanted to tell y'all all about it. By the way, we really did ALOT for the short amount of time we were there. My family isn't always good about planning things; last year we kind of wasted time too much in NYC. So I was proud of us! Seriously, this might be super boring, so if you don't like reading details of trips, skip it!

We drove the thirteenish hours starting at around 7:00am. On the way there, we had lunch at Krystal and the power went out, so we got our food for free (the registers didn't work)! When we got there, we went to dinner at a fun place called S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad), which was within walking distance of our hotel, The Indigo Inn. The inn was really neat and had a courtyard in the middle of it.

Then we crashed. Ann Peyton slept in her Pack N Play, but as you may remember from this post, she likes to snuggle with her Daddy before bedtime.


On Saturday, I put on my walking shoes and Peyton put on the baby carrier and we all went to the Market Area.

I was super excited about my purchases. I got a sun hat (Peyton got a hat too, but that goes without saying, as he has a hat obsession).

I also got a couple of things for AP. I got her this cute swim suit (it's a 24 month, but she'll wear it one day!).

And this doll house.

I'll go ahead and tell you that this is not necessarily the doll house I would dream of for my little girl. I had a beautiful one when I was little, and I'd love for her to have a special dollhouse one day, too. I really envision something a little more classic and traditional for her. But this one is cute and it was a steal! And Peyton swears that a little boy with an older sister would enjoy it, too ( day, maybe!)

Peyton and I had lunch at a little place called Sticky Fingers and AP was exhausted (everyone else ordered in). And yeah, that's Annie under his napkin (don't worry, he assured me he's "holding" her with his knees)!

Then we rested for a bit and then went to dinner (we're the kinda folks that do a lot of eating on trips like this!). We went to Five Loaves for supper....yum!

All the tables have cute quotes on them.


We slept in a bit and had a late breakfast and then hit Rainbow Row, which is an area of beautiful old houses. It's by Battery Park, which overlooks Fort Sumter, and seeing it all was neat, from a historical perspective. Anyway, the houses are all different colors (not bright Seaside/Neshoba colors, but a more muted rainbow). They were all so pretty and most had gated gardens you could peak into.

Peyton and I had lunch at Hymans, which had great seafood, and then we all headed to the beach! The beaches were beautiful in their own way, but totally different from Florida! Also, I have to say, it was fun getting to go do a couple of things with Peyton alone, thanks to all the willing babysitters!

We ate at Hymans again for supper, it was that good! I had a crab cake dish and it was AMAZING! I guess there's something with attaching stuff to the tables here, because they had these little signs on all the tables (we also saw Metallica and Neil Diamond)!

I got one last picture in front of the hotel.


We got off bright and early (before 8:00) and headed back for Jackson. I think Ann Peyton enjoyed the trip, but she was glad to be back in her own crib in her own nursery in her own house.

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