Monday, July 27, 2009

Round Here.....

You might have noticed I changed my playlist up a bit. I loved my "Worship" play list and still have it saved, but I was getting kind of tired of those same songs. I wanted to keep it an exclusively worship playlist, so I just created a new one with some of my favorite songs. One of the songs on there was "Round Here" by Counting Crows, but when I loaded my blog and it came on I realized it was the unedited version with the "f word" in it. Um, quickly took that off....a little too far from the worship list! Not to say there aren't a few questionable tunes on there, but not that blatant. Interestingly enough, Granny and PopPop just got their computer, and when I say they are really, really conservative Southern Baptists, I do not joke (I consider us conservative, but these folks are, as Michael would say, a little "to the right of Rush"). So I'm glad I caught that one! And hopefully, Granny won't do a lot of back reading and find out that I like to call people ugly names when they hurt my sister (wink). Also, I thought this was interesting; I happen to love it when people have playlists on their blogs. What do you think?

But really, I wasn't going to do a whole post about my musical tastes, the F word, and how conservative my adorable grandparent in laws are. I was going to tell you about what is actually going on "round here". Today, I went to an organizational meeting for the new Mother's Morning Out program my church is starting. I haven't posted about it yet, because it was sort of tentative, but now that it's for sure I can tell you that starting in September, Annie and I will both be going to "school" for half a day, two days a week. I absolutely LOVE staying at home with her, but there are so many reasons I feel this little part time (it's really like quarter time, since it's not even close to 20 hours a week) job will be good for both of us. I am going to do a whole post about it soon, but I think it will be great for us to both get out of the house, support this ministry, and make a little extra money. The meeting went great and Annie and I had a relaxing day while it POURED outside.

I have a serious love/hate relationship with rainy days. I so love getting in my pjs, cuddling up with a blanket (and a baby) and reading or watching tv or whatever. It just feels so cozy and is so much fun to me! BUT, the rain always upsets my sinuses and gives me these TERRIBLE sinus headaches. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but yesterday Peyton even said "I really hope Ann Peyton doesn't have to deal with these headaches" because he knows how miserable they are. I kind of jumped on him about it. I've been reading about Baby Stellan and I told him that seriously, if headaches are the worst things she has to deal with she (and we) is really fortunate. In other fun news, although I though Peyton was going to be working 14 days straight, he got off yesterday and it looks like he may have another open day this week, yay! I haven't decided if we will try to pack it out like last Monday or just chill like yesterday....either option will be fun with my Sweetie and Babykins!

Well, I am about to go cook supper. I am fixing hamburger corn pie for Peyton. It is his FAVORITE. I'm not a big fan of casseroles, but coming from a big family he loves them. This is one I have a particular aversion to, but I try to cook it for him ever so often because he enjoys it so much. And I enjoy a good bowl of Rice Krispies for dinner every so often, too (wink)!

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