Saturday, July 18, 2009

Because I Love a Little Comparison Study: Shoe Box Full of Memories

So, you may remember me talking about this little chair that's in my sunroom last week in my Show Us Where You Live Friday post and how it was in my bedroom when I was a little girl.

I knew I remembered a picture of me and my sister, Cookie (her real name is Ann Whitten), in the chair. Well, tonight I finally got over to my parents' house and dug through the shoe boxes full of photographs my mom keeps saying she's going to organize and.....

Yeah, still haven't figured out the old scanner, so it's a picture of a picture, but isn't it sweet?

Here's a slightly more recent picture of me and AW

Gosh, it was so much fun going through those shoe boxes and reminiscing about the old days. I seriously had THE BEST childhood and I have a draft of a post about it that I just need to add a little more to.

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