Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Dress


So, this week is "Show Us Your Wedding Dress" on Kelly's Korner. I had the hardest time finding mine! I really would have loved to wear my mom's but it was kind of yellowish (I had loved playing dress up in it so much!) We seriously looked at every store in the Jackson area and two in Brookhaven. I only found a couple that I liked and they were WAY out of my (or should I say, Daddy's) price range. I wanted a really awesome reception and other things, and I wasn't interested in breaking the budget on a dress. Anyway....I seriously thought we were going to have to go to that huge place in Arkansas and look for one and I knew they weren't going to have my size, because I'm such an odd size and they just have what they have. But, we were visited my grandmother, Bump, in New Albany and we decided to try a place in Tupelo that we'd heard about. I actually found TWO dresses I liked. So, we ended up going back to choose about a month later. And here is the dress I chose:

It's a champagne color (snow white does not flatter me!) and is completely lace with a gold sash just under the bust. I'm not big in jewels, but I LOVE lace. I also loved that this one had a sort of antique/vintage feel which is so my style!

You can kind of get a better look at the top in these next few pictures.

Here I am hiking it up. Funny story about hiking the dress: when I was a flower girl in a wedding, I completely FREAKED OUT worrying about how the bride would "teetee" with that dress on. You know I have anxiety. I was almost in tears worrying about it. Luckily, I have a great sister and group of friends and that was a nonissue, ahem.
By the way, in case you're curious, the other one was a "cake topper dress", as my sister refereed to it, because that's what I looked like. It was a true ball gown with tons of tulle, and exactly what I thought I wanted. It was beautiful, too, but I did look a lot like a little girl in a cupcake dress. It just made me look so young...which is something I've been fighting since I was about 13. I know this one was the right decision and I still love it! I would love if AP wears it one day, or if she just plays dress up in it!

Also, one other really special thing about my dress. I am SO THANKFUL we ended up finding it in Tupelo, because Bump saw me in it both times I tried it on. She passed away the April before our June can read more here if you're interested (it's toward the bottom of the post). I know if I had found the dress in Jackson, she probably wouldn't have seen it. I kind of feel like it was a little wedding present the Lord, in His compassion, gave me, because it was SO hard not having her there.


Shelby said...

I love your dress.. and I LOVE the sash around your waist!

Helen Joy said...

I just got chills reading about your Grandmother and how she was able to see it! The Lord is so good.

Rebekah said...

I absolutely love how feminine and soft your dress is! Gorgeous!

laura marie said...

beautiful dress!

Carrie said...

You were a beautiful bride! I love your dress -- I really LOVE lace too! :o)