Monday, July 27, 2009

The Three's of Me Survey

So, I saw this on the FB and thought it looked like fun!

Three names I go by
1. Sarah Denley
2. Sarah D
3. Sweetie (Peyton)

Three Jobs I have had in my life.
1. lifeguard at BW
2. substitute teacher at Prep and SA
3. nanny/babysitter

Three Places I have lived
1. Jackson, MS
2. Clinton, MS
3. Madison,, I've lived in so many exotic places

Three Favorite drinks
1. Coca Cola
2. Bon Ami Berry Tea
3. Kool Aid (weird, right?)

Three TV shows that I watch
1. The View
2. Army Wives
3. Law and Order

Three Places I Have Been
1. Lake Tahoe
2. NYC
3. Virgin Islands

People that e-mail/facebook me regularly
1. Peyton
2. Peyton's mom (LOL)
3. Amy

Three of my favorite restaurants
1. Mexican: Fernando's
2. Deli: Newk's
3. Pizza: Mellow Mushroom

Three friends I think will respond to this
1. probably no one! (copying Mrs. Kirk....haha)
2. I'm not even tagging anybody
3. But I love reading these things.....tell me if you do it!

Three things I'm looking forward to
1. Peyton getting home from work tonight
2. AP's next doctor's appointment where they (hopefully) tell me she's gained a TON of weight!
3. lunch with fun, new "mommy friends" tomorrow

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Ashley said...

I'm excited about lunch too! :o)