Friday, August 14, 2009

The Vacation That Was Not to Be

Well, in honor of last night's post about favorite vacays and because I was telling Carrie about it yesterday, I thought I'd share with you my little sob story of how Walgreens has already wronged Peyton (kidding--I really don't have a chip on my shoulder).

So, a few weeks before Mary Milton came, we were having our last hurrah with Morgan and Haydn as happy-go-lucky couple friends without the constraints of children (by that I mean their children; Ann Peyton was with us, blissfully relaxing in Mary Milton's swing--you know, breaking it in for her BFF). And Haydn casually mentions to Peyton that he is stockpiling soccer jerseys because he is going to the world cup next summer and he has to get one for each team because he doesn't know what games he's going to yet, but he's just going to pretend he's from whatever country is playing. And Peyton freaks out, because he loves the world cup and soccer and traveling and South Africa where it will be (I mean he thinks he would love it).

Of course, he asks me if he can go. Keep in mind it would be more money that we spent on our honeymoon. But he works so hard for us and is such a good daddy (picture him saying in his best Italian mafia guy accent "I provide a good life for you"--he loves to do that gig). So, (as I picture his plane crashing or him being roasted by some tribal peoples--I think South Africa is actually pretty modernized) I say "of course, hoooney, that sounds like so much fun".

When we get home, we talk and talk about it. He seems so excited and it's only a week. And he'd get so much closer to Haydn--he needs Daddy friends just like I need Mommy friends. I'm okay with it.

The next day, I get to thinking. I'll make this fun for me, too. Ann Peyton will be around 15 months old, such a fun age, right....RIGHT?? Sidenote: I don't spend the night by myself; I never have, it scares me, period. So, I'll spend a couple of nights with my parents. Part of the week maybe Morgan and I can take the babies on a girl's trip to the coast or something. We'll go shopping and sit on the sand and dip our girls' toes in the picturesque. The rest of the time, I'll invite Logan over for some best friend time and we'll have a Dawson's Creek marathon and eat dozens of oreos, just like we did almost every night in college. It will be a good time to explain to Annie why it's not a good idea to sleep with Dawson AND Pacey, or really any best friends. Or anyone in high school. Or college. Or until you're married. And ready for a baby. Maybe she'll be ready for an Oreo herself (note to self: ask Dr. Denney when to introduce Oreos, probably after fruits but before vegetables, right?).

But, alas, it was not to be. Peyton won't have enough vacation time to leave. Had he left just a little earlier, or had the World Cup been just a little just can't let your mind go there. There'll be other trips for Peyton and other bonding experiences with daddies and I'll just have have Logi spend the night and help me explain the facts of life while he's wouldn't be the first sleepover with Logan since we've been married.


Carrie said...

Sorry Walgreens ruined your fun! Haha.

Catherine Sledge said...

So this is random but--even though this time didn't work out and maybe y'all won't be quite as drawn to it after the world cup part is done--y'all HAVE to go to South Africa. Taylor and I went there on our honeymoon!!! And yes, it is pretty modernized. It's unbelievably beautiful. Go to Cape Town. And then go on a safari. Start saving now and GO! :)