Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, there is no Not Me Monday at My Charming Kids this week, but I had so many fun "not me's" I decided (with Mckmama's go ahead, of course), to, well, go ahead. So....

Last Wednesday, while strolling our girls, Carrie and I did NOT see TWO rats at our local park. Because rats are gross and run around in sewers and garbage dumps, not local parks. Also, said walk was NOT the most exercise I've done in a few
daysweeks....especially since we sat in the shade and talked during most of our "walk". Also, we did NOT discuss our opinions on the Mckmama drama involving orphus prodding and sex toys.

Also, this week, when Peyton told me he wanted to loose a few pounds, I did not crudely joke that I was sorry he didn't have his own "Annie machine" to "suck the pounds off" of him. And he did NOT also crudely respond by reminding me of the nurse who told us that men could lactate and tell me he was going to try that idea round two.....think again, Bud!

And I did NOT whisper to someone about Annie's unibrow that I have been bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and it was NOT because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I would NOT do that because I know, precocious as she is, she can't understand me, as she is only (almost) five months old.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Errands, Chores, Visits with Friends.....Rinse and Repeat

Wow! This past week was seems like I say that every week. But, I really prefer my weeks to be busy, rather than boring.

Peyton was off on Monday so it was an errand day. We knocked out a ton of stuff: we went by Scott Trade, Peyton's parents and his sister's house. Then I went to the grocery store, Belk, and Gap while he watched Annie Banani and once I got home he went to see Harry Potter (I wasn't the least bit interested in that).

On Tuesday my mom came over and her, Ann Peyton, and I went to visit my friend Morgan and her baby Mary Milton, who is about three weeks old. We had so much fun! We came back home to meet with a guy about getting a new front door and then stopped by Wear It's At, a consignment store that Carrie suggested I check out. We got several cute things for the winter and a couple of things for next summer, too. I'll have to do a picture post of Annie's new duds soon.

Wednesday morning we went to Winter's Circle park for a walk with Carrie and Aubrey. We had so much fun, but we were a little creeped out because we saw TWO rats scurrying around....UGH! Carrie and I always have so much fun discussing people's (usually that we don't know) blogs. She's such a fun friend; I felt like we had known each other so long the very first time we met!

Annie and I had lunch with Caroline, one of my friends from high school, on Thursday. It was so much fun to meet and catch up; I hadn't seen Caroline since before AP was born! It's always like we just pick up where we left off. Anyway, she is planning her wedding and it was fun to talk about weddings and tell her what Ann Peyton is up to. Peyton came home early so we could go meet with our life insurance guy (it was a yearly meeting). It was kind of fun, because I've also known him since high school. Trey and I used to be on a competitive cheerleading squad together; and he actually used to be one of my stunt partners. Seeing him always makes me miss that part of cheerleading. I need to go back and find some of those old pictures ;)

On Friday, my mom came over and went to the grocery store with me and Annie. Then I tried to accomplish some things around the house.....a little cooking and some laundry, and such. When Peyton got home, we went to Target to pick up a few things and then to my parents' for Red Beans and Rice.

Saturday we spent the whole day at Granny and PopPop's (Peyton's grandparents). Peyton helped them with their new computer that they got so they could see pictures of AP and Peyton's sister's baby (they have Facebook now!). And I got a sewing lesson. This is a dress I'm working on for AP for when she gets a little older (it's my very first real project).
Granny is a great teacher! And she made us THE best breakfast and lunch. I meant to have a cooking lesson, too, but I kind of took a little nap during the lunch preparation.

Today I led children's church and then we had a nice relaxing day at home. We just goofed off, and watched tv, and I had a fashion show with Ann Peyton, in which we tried on some of her fall clothes (pictures to come). Don't you just love this cool weather? Then we went back for evening church and stopped by Walmart to get some storage boxes. I HAVE to get some things organized this week!

Peyton decided to not put on his polo for this week's family picture; he said it looks bad because he's wearing the same three shirts in all the pictures. Like an undershirt looks better?!?

Also, Annie projectiled right after we took was also captured in a photo.

Next week is looking busy, too and Mother's Morning Out at our church is fixing to start; so things will be getting even more busy.

Also, I'm about to update my goals list. I have to be honest; these last couple of weeks I haven't been very good at keeping up with my counts. I try to undershoot it if I'm unsure and not be OCD about it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Annie has been wearing these white eyelet shoes that were mine and Cookie's all summer. I love putting her in our old mom is such a pack rat and she did such a great job of getting it all looking decent again. Seriously, of everything I have put her in, I get more compliments on her little "vintage" shoes (circa 1985) than anything else! Here she is in them on the Fourth of July

Well, today my mom was over here and we decided that they really are getting to little for her. I consoled myself by saying we'd have another girl one day*** and that we needed to put up these "summer" shoes, anyway, since it's almost September. And I took LOTS of pictures

***I hope for Peyton's sake we have a boy, as well. I don't know what I'll do with a boy, but he really wants one, and I'm sure I'll love it. He said, though, that if we had three girls in a row, he wouldn't risk it a fourth time.......because he couldn't pay for four weddings, haha!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Showers


Peyton and I were so blessed by the generosity of our friends and our parents' friends during our engagement. It was such a busy time (I was student teaching and trying to get the wedding together), but such a happy time. I had so much fun today looking back on it. Here are several of the events held in our honor.

Dessert and Champagne Announcement Party
This wasn't really a true shower; it was just a big party to celebrate our engagement. It was held the weekend of Valentine's day and the hosts and hostesses (a bunch of my parents' couple friends) decided it would be fun to do a sort of Valentine themed dessert party, instead of the traditional type of announcement party, which is usually held during the cocktail hour. I thought it was so unique and the flowers and desserts were beautiful! (I totally stole Ashley's idea of showing the invitation......I think they are so fun!). I especially loved the strawberry bride and groom (last picture).

Kitchen Shower
I loved this shower so much! It was given by three of my mom's close friends that are just the sweetest ladies ever. Along with the invitations they sent a recipe card so everyone brought their favorite recipe to the shower to put in the little oven recipe box, which was a present from the hostesses. I LOVE it and use the recipes from my friends all the time. The food was so pretty at this shower, too!

"Honey-Do" Shower

This yard and garden shower was given by some other couple friends of my parents' and it was so much fun, because guys got to come, too! It was held at their friends, Ann and Joe's cabin, which is out in the country. MY friends were really sweet and gave me fun things that I would like (such as the adorable bird house), but Peyton also got a lot of neat tools and garden stuff (he mainly does the outside work at our house....I wish I loved working in my yard like my momma does).

Crawfish Boil
My friends from church also wanted to give me a shower, but since I had already had two and knew my sister was planning a lingerie shower, I asked them if we could just make it a "celebration", so that the same people weren't giving us so many gifts. Ms. Darlene and Mr. Peirce, a couple at our church that we just adore, had it at their house. They had these tables that Mr. Peirce made for Crawfish Boils and it was SO MUCH FUN! I included the pictures of me with my parents because I thought it was so funny that my mom, my dad, Peyton, and I all had on similar colors....not planned. The last picture is the host and hostesses (Anna's husband, Jim, was out of town). The red-headed girl and the guy next to her in the green shirt are Morgan and Haydn, who I talk about all the time on here. They just had a baby girl who is going to be Ann Peyton's BFF.

Lingerie Shower
My sister and my best friend, Logan, gave me a Lingerie Shower. It was funny, because I'm not the most, um, sexual person, so most of my friends gave me jersey nightgowns that were super comfy, but not so sexy. Logan actually gave me a sweatshirt dress, (kind of) as a joke. I found it funny that the sexiest thing I got (a pretty silky nightgown) was from my mom and sister.
Bridesmaids' Luncheon

So, this wasn't really a shower, either. But it was beautiful. Two of my mom's friends did it and it was the day before the wedding, so it wouldn't be too stressful for anybody. The food was "lady food"......chicken salad, mint tea, lemonade pie, ect. It was so perfect!

Thanks for stopping by.....I can't wait to get some ideas from all your posts!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


When I feed Ann Peyton in the morning, I usually put her in the pack n play in our bedroom and I go back to bed for another hour or so (yes, she sleeps eight hours, but I hardly ever go to bed right after her last feeding.....I'm working on it!). We always keep her door shut at night but we hardly ever shut the door to our room. Can you guess who I found in the pack n play, snuggled up next to her the other morning???

If you guessed this friend...........
you'd be right!

I was a little surprised that General hadn't even scratched or hissed at her, since, as a four month old, she hasn't really grasped (no pun intended) the difference between a "pat" and a "pull" and had her little fist clenched around a handful of his fur.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, What a Beatiful Morning. Oh, What a Beautiful.....Week

So, I'm a little late on my weekly recap. Yesterday was a bit of a fog, since I was um, a little sleepy. Anyway, last week was a fun week.

Last week was a good mix of busy/relaxed. First of all, I have to tell you how wonderful eight hours days are....we have LOVED having Daddy home with us.

Anyway, this week just seemed to fly by (I know I say that most every of these days I'm going to throw you for a loop and tell you that it dragged). On Monday Ann Peyton and I went to lunch with Ashley and Carrie and their much fun!

Tuesday was PACKED....we had a bunch of fun (surprise) visits to our house. Virginia, Peyton's sweet-as-sugar friend from pharmacy school came over, with petit fours and an Ole Miss bib for Annie. She seriously never comes over without bringing 1) food for us and 2) a present for Ann Peyton. Then Logan and my mom stopped by for a visit. I have to say that I'm glad it was these friends that decided to pop by last minute, because they are SO not full of pretensions and could not care less if my house was a little disastrous. I also got a text from Haley that read:
I hope Ann Peyton likes her boys younger
and got super excited planning play dates for Annie and baby Harkins as well as, you know, their wedding. Surprisingly, I also got a ton done around the house, as well. I cooked supper, did some laundry, made a trip to the attic to get down the high chair base and send up some 0-3 mo clothes (sniff), and straightened and organized my laundry room.

On Wednesday, we had a day full of errands! Peyton and I have always loved running errands together and now we really enjoy doing them as a family, so we hit the road and got a lot done on Wednesday. We took my car to the shop (I kinda ran over a curb) and went by Peyton's parents' house, Lowes, Babies R Us, and Target. We also stopped by Jodi Badon--this really fun gift shop in Ridgeland. We had a gift card and it was burning a hole in my pocket, so I got some cute stuff for Annie for when she's a little older.

I love the paper dolls and memory game; they are so cute (and Peyton loves that they represent the multi-ethnic world in which we live, which, I agree, is a very important thing to teach her about). Do know that she will also have some much more traditional paper dolls in muted colors and vintage clothes, in addition to these.

My favorite thing, however, is this Peter Rabbit block puzzle. I love all things Peter Rabbit and it's six puzzles in one, so I HAD to get it.

I think toys like these are so much harder to find now than when I was a little girl. Like, you can't just go to Target and pick out some paper dolls. It's mostly just big hunks of plastic. Seriously, I like some of the big plastic things if they are cute and developmentally appropriate, but I wish that wasn't all there was. So, I was super excited to find these!

I have a confession about something else I got for Annie....I got her bedding that she probably won't use for at least three years. I love her nursery and how pretty and "sweet" it is, but I couldn't resist getting these (maybe my love for "love birds" is out of control) and packing this and packing it away for later.

I was looking for it on the online ( and noticed somebody said they used bird houses as decorations in her little girl's cute is that? I think I'm going to steal that idea!

Thursday was Logan's big birthday bash at Julep. I had so much fun catching up with all my old friends, celebrating Logan's birthday, and eating strawberry pecan salad and tomato basil soup, knowing that Annie was in capable hands with her Daddy.

The weekend was pretty laid back. Friday we went to Mickey and Minnie's for Beans and Rice and that was it. Saturday night was fun because Peyton got home early enough to go for a stroll, cook us B4D (breakfast for dinner), AND enjoy some dvr'ed History Channel I said, these shorter days are so enjoyable. Then this thankful it hasn't been a trend. Yesterday we went to morning AND evening church (have I said "I love these shorter shifts"?) and hung out in the study together with our babykins.

As if this post wasn't long enough (MckMama would say it would make your retinas bleed), I feel I need to add a little commentary to the Weekly Family Picture. First of all, I wanted a retake because Annie is clearly not looking at the camera, but Peyton said no; he always wants them to be authentic. Second, I really like(d) that dress I'm bled in the wash. It's a cotton dress and I washed it on the handwash cycle.....COME ON! I think it had to do with the lining....whatever, I'm soaking it and if that doesn't work it's going to Minnie's for some serious stain removal treatment.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, What a Night

****UPDATED to say that I read an article today in which Michelle Duggar says we really don't need as much sleep as we think we do. Welp, Michelle, I guess I'll take your word for it! (although everything else I've ever read about this says Americans don't get enough sleep).

So, let me go ahead and say that Ann Peyton has seriously been the best baby EVER. Everyone says how good she is. I know I'm blessed. Minnie has even said (kind of) jokingly that God in his infinite mercy, must have realized I wasn't ready for a "real" baby and gave me Annie to practice on--she is that sweet and laid back. Also, she started sleeping through the night before she was six weeks old. So, I have no room to complain. But....

I was up ALL night with her, save about two hours when she slept in the bed with us.....or rather I slept and awoke to her staring at me--kinda creepy.

I don't know what happened, but the last couple of nights have been rough and last night was particularly bad. I'm usually okay with letting her cry, but it seemed like she was taking forever to get herself to sleep. And I guess because she is so good at putting herself to sleep, when she doesn't I assume there's a problem....teeth? gas?

I don't think it was either of those because she was just delightful most of the day. I wonder if maybe she is getting too much sleep during the day and has her days and nights confused. I was just asking Peyton last week (before this madness began) if he thought something was wrong because she still naps so much.

So, I did the total WRONG thing by putting her in the bed with us, but whatever; it won't be a habit. Today, I broke out the Babywise and it said she should be taking three naps a day at this point. So it got me thinking, maybe I should develop some sort of routine for her, instead of just letting her sleep and play whenever she wants (I do feed her on a schedule....learned that one the hard way). We'll see....

I'm going to take a nice Sunday afternoon nap, but I'd be up for any suggestions/advice/encouragement/commiseration that you have to offer.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flashback Friday: Beans and Rice Back in the Day {October 13, 2006}

Peyton took these pictures almost three years ago!

Ellis and I.....I'm going to do a whole post about "Uncle Ellis" soon.

I had this as my FB picture for awhile and somebody thought I was running around on Peyton. Really? HE WAS TAKING THE PICTURE. And also, that would be like incest (I know it's a crude analogy, but let's be real).

Okay, I took this one and the next one. I can't tell you how it warms my heart that my two best friends friends. And secure enough in their manhood to embrace like that!

I think this was around the time Peyton's hat fetish was just beginning.

This is probably one of Peyton's favorite pictures of, he loves the "natural" look.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wouldn't You Know It?

Seriously, isn't this always the way things happen?

Not a full twenty four hours after hitting "publish" on my post last night, what do you think happened?

You probably guessed it......

Ann Peyton rolled!!!!

This is what we used to call an "Annie Roll":

(Ann Peyton approximately four days old)

guess we have an alternate definition for the term now, right??

In our education classes we talked about how "L" means a child is learning a skill and "M" means the child has mastered a skill (as opposed to A-F; some schools use this system in the lower grades). Well, Annie practically has an "M" in rolling already......every time I've put her on the floor this afternoon she rolls over BOTH WAYS until she conks out and falls asleep! I seriously couldn't believe it. Maybe, it's the influence of her super smart friend that she's been seeing a lot of lately!

A few other quick things:

-- I so cannot wait to go celebrate Logi's b-day at Julep much fun!

-- I decided not to participate in Show Us Your Life this week.....I did have a really fun baby shower given to my by some friends at church but one of the hostesses took pictures on her camera and (can you believe it?) I still haven't gotten them uploaded onto my computer. The sweet girls that I'm meeting up with tonight (my college friends) also offered to give me one, but I asked them please not to. If you remember correctly, I got pregnant about two weeks into being married and these girls had done SO MUCH for me, going to tons of parties and bringing super nice gifts to many of them, so I said please don't do anything else (they did come to the shower given by my church friends, who insisted on giving me one). It really worked out better this week, anyway, because with all the cake baking, present wrapping, roll watching, and solid feeding (twice a day now!), I really didn't have time put up a zillion pictures (as is always the case with these things). I think I will do either a "Fave Five" or "Flashback" post tomorrow, instead.

-- We have had so much fun having Daddy home some each day......I LOVE THESE EIGHT HOUR SHIFTS!!

-- I have another exciting announcement....guess what I am wearing tonight? Some lovely pre-pregnancy jeans that I was sure (maybe because my mom told me) would never fit again. That first couple of months I think I tried on this particular (favorite) pair of Seven A-Pocket jeans at least every other day. Finally, I just had to promise myself I'd only try them on once a month. Let me tell you, if you are debating breastfeeding and things like your health and your babies health don't sway you toward it; it will (literally) suck the pounds off of you (that was kind of gross and tacky to say!). Anyway, now that I've proved dear Minnie wrong about the jeans, she's all in my face about being TOO skinny......I can't win!

--The Annie Roll pictured above? No worries, she didn't sleep like this.......SIDS risk, I know. Been reading Kelly's post today about blankets and chuckling about how much it upset my sister that we wouldn't give her one!!