Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Week Gone By So Fast

Am I the only one that feels like the weeks just zip right past me? The other morning before I got AP out of her crib I thought "Oh my gosh, she's gained at least a pound and grown two inches while we were asleep".

It's been a fun and really relaxed week. On Monday, I went shopping with Momma and Cookie. We went to two of our favorite places--Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Sadly, both or very hit or miss, and there just wasn't much I liked for Annie. I did get her some GREAT stuff at Old Navy (haven't ever really been that fond of their baby stuff before) last week--I'll have to post some of my finds soon! Then on Tuesday AND Wednesday, we stayed home. Thursday Peyton had the day off, so I did some errands (Target and Babies 'R Us), we had some good family time, Momma and Cookie came over and we had lunch with Carrie and Aubrey at one of my favorite places, Mellow Mushroom. Thursday night Peyton cooked B4D (breakfast for dinner) and we watched Rachel Getting Married (review to come). Friday was laid back; we just went to my parents' for beans and rice.

was so full, though! Peyton's Momma brought Joe, Peyton's youngest brother, over to cut our grass (Peyton's taken a break from doing it himself since he's been working so much). I had a great time visiting with her and I think she enjoyed playing with Ann Peyton. I'm glad she's not very pretentious; I was still in my pj's. I took a quick shower and then my Mom came over (it was her's and Mickey's 39th(!!) anniversary, btw). Right as she was leaving, Ellis dropped by. He stayed until Peyton got home and I fixed them snacks to eat while they watched Pete and Pete (this was during AP's first real nap of the day--to much excitement to sleep). I managed to get a few things (mopping, vacuuming, dishes, ect.) done Then we got Annie up and got ready for Bellhaven Lights, which is a fun festival sort of thing in Bellhaven (a BEAUTIFUL area of Jackson). We went with our friends, Patrick and Haley and Haley's sisters and their families, and we had a blast! Ann Peyton did great, too! I think the heat bothered her a bit, but she was hardly fussy at all and seemed to enjoy being strolled around. At one point the music got a little too loud for her; she didn't even cry, but she did cover her ear with her little hand. I wish I had gotten a picture; I remembered my camera at the last minute, but of course, dead battery. Today, I got up early (6:30), so we could go to early church. Peyton went to Men's Club and met us for church (YAY for me for getting AP ready by myself and being on time somewhere before noon). Then he had to go to work. AP has been a little cranky today (she's gnawing her hand off, so maybe teeth??), but it's been pretty good. Going to try to get some housework done....I recently discovered Fly Lady....she seems a bit hardcore, but I like her so far.

A little update: I had a sort of different week as far as working on my goals list. I didn't do so well with most of my daily things, but I did do great in some areas. For example, I actually met my goal of cooking supper three nights this week(#40)--pizzas, mexican, and chicken linguine; in case you were curious. I also counted our movie as a "date night" (#37). Some date nights, I've decided, are going to be at home. It's just not practical (even given the multitude of available baby sitters) to go on a true date once a week and that's okay. At this age, Ann Peyton doesn't even have to be in bed as long as she's in a pleasant mood. I just want it to be a fun night where we aren't on separate computers or where I'm running around trying to do a bunch of stuff (that did end up happening toward the end). Finally (#43), Bellhaven Lights was definitely a "fun family activity".

Weekly Family Picture (Sunday, August 16, 2009)
Keeping it real-sports bra and no makeup. Peyton insisted we take some this way. Guess what I had on for bottoms? his boxers. Because I wear my nightgowns as dresses.

P.S. I think I have a problem with parenthesis overusage :)

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