Tuesday, August 25, 2009


When I feed Ann Peyton in the morning, I usually put her in the pack n play in our bedroom and I go back to bed for another hour or so (yes, she sleeps eight hours, but I hardly ever go to bed right after her last feeding.....I'm working on it!). We always keep her door shut at night but we hardly ever shut the door to our room. Can you guess who I found in the pack n play, snuggled up next to her the other morning???

If you guessed this friend...........
you'd be right!

I was a little surprised that General hadn't even scratched or hissed at her, since, as a four month old, she hasn't really grasped (no pun intended) the difference between a "pat" and a "pull" and had her little fist clenched around a handful of his fur.


Heidi said...

Kitties are such good pets to have. I have a love/hate relationship with our cats-- mostly it depends on if they've peed on anything recently. ;-) Your kitty is really pretty.

HeatherOz said...

Ah! Keeping eachother warm!