Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crazy Daisy

Yesterday was a crazy daisy (or um, day, for those that don't speak primarily baby talk).

I woke up early--around 7ish (sorry, Carrie), to get ready for the busy day. Ann Peyton had her four month old well baby visit at 8:45 and it went great! Here are here current stats:

height: 23.5 in (25th percentile)
11.0 lbs (6th percentile)---WOOT WOOT!
head circumference: 16.2 in (57th percentile)

Dr. Denney was really excited to see that she had gained so much weight and really apologetic for getting me all worked up about it (even though it wasn't his fault, AT ALL). He told me that she is doing so well I can start letting her SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! I was beyond excited, as you'd probably guess. She really put on a show for him; she was so happy and alert and was doing almost all the things he asked us about right there in front of him (grabbing stuff, looking around at us, rolling onto her side, ect.). She just smiled and cooed. Then we talked about food and he said that we could start rice cereal any time now and fruits in about a month (he did say hold off on the mesh feeders for a little longer, and I made a mental note to tell Minnie to hold off on the Annie Bunnies too.....potential chocking hazard, check). Then she had her shots and she did GREAT, hardly a peep from her. It's nice she hasn't really been affected by the vaccinations yet; it was a day like any other.

I don't know why (and I could eat my words, no pun intended), but I'm kind of excited about baby food. We talked about it with Dr. Denney and I'm probably going to make most of it myself. He said basically go for it; it's just more work for you. But, the way I view it is that this is my primary job right now and I want to do what is most economical for my family and best for my daughter (i.e. no preservatives, ect.). Anyway, Peyton was all like "ugh, I wish we could skip this step" because you know nursing is so mess-free and then when they are like oh, eight years old, it is mess-free again. Maybe, I've just been reading too many "mommy blogs" that have me excited about it, but I'm looking forward to it. I told him that it's totally understandable he feels the way he does, but I think it's a blessing that I get excited about this sort of stuff.

After the doctor's appointment, we went by Chick-Fil-A, the bank, and a stationary place. Then we dropped by Babies R Us. I am trying to decide whether to get AP a Bumbo or a Summer Seat.



Most everyone I know has the Bumbo, but I think she could use the Summer Seat longer and it serves more purposes. I don't know. What do y'all think? By the way, remember how I said I didn't like the advice in this article about blogging mistakes. Well, it also said don't plagiarize, which includes copying and pasting from google images. But since my blog is not exactly high traffic at the moment, I think I'm okay.

Then I ran a half marathon. Okay, not really.

We came home for a quick break. AP and I rested and tried to get a few things done and Peyton took off to play Frisbee Golf (I'll be so glad when we don't have to pack so many activities into one day......it's like he feels so much pressure to do EVERYTHING). Then, we brought our friends, the Roberts supper in the hospital because Morgan had Mary Milton (AP's new BFF) early Monday morning. We visited a bit and then came home to pick up AP (Minnie kept her) and ran to meet our friends Patrick and Haley for dinner at Basil's.

Well, I thought we were headed home to watch Army Wives and call it a night when Peyton's mom called. We were having such a good time talking about how great it is to have so many wonderful friends and different activities Peyton wanted to get involved in and such he said "can I call you back?". I said "make sure Elizabeth's not having her baby" and so he asked and of course......she was. Well, Peyton has to work in Vicksburg today so he knew if he wanted to see his new nephew it would have to be tonight. So around 11:30pm we headed to the hospital. And around 3:30am we made it home! FYI, Elizabeth is a stronger woman than I.....all natural (I'm thinking we might consider it for round two, after I hear some more details).

So yesterday, my day began around 7:00 and ended around 3;30 this morning. But I am okay, because guess who does not have wake her baby up in the middle of the night to breastfeed??? ME!!!

P.S. Can you believe both babies came on one of the like three days Peyton wasn't working in the past week/next two weeks?
P.P.S. Annie was such a sweetie and slept the entire time at the hospital awaiting the birth of her cousin!

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Carrie said...

Jealous! Enjoy being able to sleep late-ish while it lasts :o)

My two-cents on the Bumbo: We rarely used ours. It just seemed a bit pointless. Aubrey didn't really enjoy it when she was little, and when she was older, she didn't want to sit still in it! I know some people LOVE them, but we just never got much use out of ours.