Sunday, August 30, 2009

Errands, Chores, Visits with Friends.....Rinse and Repeat

Wow! This past week was seems like I say that every week. But, I really prefer my weeks to be busy, rather than boring.

Peyton was off on Monday so it was an errand day. We knocked out a ton of stuff: we went by Scott Trade, Peyton's parents and his sister's house. Then I went to the grocery store, Belk, and Gap while he watched Annie Banani and once I got home he went to see Harry Potter (I wasn't the least bit interested in that).

On Tuesday my mom came over and her, Ann Peyton, and I went to visit my friend Morgan and her baby Mary Milton, who is about three weeks old. We had so much fun! We came back home to meet with a guy about getting a new front door and then stopped by Wear It's At, a consignment store that Carrie suggested I check out. We got several cute things for the winter and a couple of things for next summer, too. I'll have to do a picture post of Annie's new duds soon.

Wednesday morning we went to Winter's Circle park for a walk with Carrie and Aubrey. We had so much fun, but we were a little creeped out because we saw TWO rats scurrying around....UGH! Carrie and I always have so much fun discussing people's (usually that we don't know) blogs. She's such a fun friend; I felt like we had known each other so long the very first time we met!

Annie and I had lunch with Caroline, one of my friends from high school, on Thursday. It was so much fun to meet and catch up; I hadn't seen Caroline since before AP was born! It's always like we just pick up where we left off. Anyway, she is planning her wedding and it was fun to talk about weddings and tell her what Ann Peyton is up to. Peyton came home early so we could go meet with our life insurance guy (it was a yearly meeting). It was kind of fun, because I've also known him since high school. Trey and I used to be on a competitive cheerleading squad together; and he actually used to be one of my stunt partners. Seeing him always makes me miss that part of cheerleading. I need to go back and find some of those old pictures ;)

On Friday, my mom came over and went to the grocery store with me and Annie. Then I tried to accomplish some things around the house.....a little cooking and some laundry, and such. When Peyton got home, we went to Target to pick up a few things and then to my parents' for Red Beans and Rice.

Saturday we spent the whole day at Granny and PopPop's (Peyton's grandparents). Peyton helped them with their new computer that they got so they could see pictures of AP and Peyton's sister's baby (they have Facebook now!). And I got a sewing lesson. This is a dress I'm working on for AP for when she gets a little older (it's my very first real project).
Granny is a great teacher! And she made us THE best breakfast and lunch. I meant to have a cooking lesson, too, but I kind of took a little nap during the lunch preparation.

Today I led children's church and then we had a nice relaxing day at home. We just goofed off, and watched tv, and I had a fashion show with Ann Peyton, in which we tried on some of her fall clothes (pictures to come). Don't you just love this cool weather? Then we went back for evening church and stopped by Walmart to get some storage boxes. I HAVE to get some things organized this week!

Peyton decided to not put on his polo for this week's family picture; he said it looks bad because he's wearing the same three shirts in all the pictures. Like an undershirt looks better?!?

Also, Annie projectiled right after we took was also captured in a photo.

Next week is looking busy, too and Mother's Morning Out at our church is fixing to start; so things will be getting even more busy.

Also, I'm about to update my goals list. I have to be honest; these last couple of weeks I haven't been very good at keeping up with my counts. I try to undershoot it if I'm unsure and not be OCD about it.

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Carrie said...

You're too sweet! David cannot understand why we discuss blogs of people we don't even know. I told him its because we don't have any mutual friends, so what else are we going to talk about?? Haha. Does that make us huge nerds??