Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gerber Babykins

So, I know I mentioned that AP had tried some fruits, but I thought it'd give it a little time before devoting a whole post to it, haha! Well, the time has come. Ann Peyton LOVES fruit, so far. She has tried applesauce and bananas and I think next we'll try peaches. We started with bananas because Peyton and I both love some naners......can't wait to make her Elvis' favorite sandwich (peanut butter and banana on white bread); it's a personal fave of mine as well! Then we tried apples. Both were a hit, but I think she preferred the bananas.

I decided (well, really Peyton suggested and I agreed) to make my own baby food, for the most part. It's just another thing that is important to him and that I feel like I should do since she's such an easy baby and I'm not wrapped up in a full time job outside the home. It's important to him and really probably is better for her. Peyton hates preservatives and processed food (yeah, it took him a while to make me let go of my individually wrapped Little Debbie snacks) and of course there is all the packaging waste that comes with buying baby food from the grocery store (gasp!). Plus, it's expensive. I'm the girl that if you tell me something is great for the environment I'm like "okay", if you tell me something is healthier for my family I'm like "okay", if you tell me it will save a couple of dollars I'm like "sold". Not that this is always the best trait ;) Anyway, I kind of bragged on myself about how much money we save making our own baby food, breastfeeding exclusively and of course cloth diapering, the other night. I was like, look Peyton, all we really buy at the grocery store is rice cereal, and it is so cheap! Well, before I got the big head Sweetums set me straight......"Oh honey, why don't you grow some rice in the back yard, harvest it and make your own rice cereal". Um no, as much as I can see myself channeling Ruth right now.....too bad Daddykins is no Boaz. Anyway, it's not hard at all. The apples were a bit more labor intensive than the bananas, but still no big deal.
I do have to tell y'all something. I got a good laugh at myself yesterday while talking to Carrie. I told her that I relate so much more to Kelly than to MckMama, because I find my identity more in SEC football and smocked baby dresses than in home-made baby food and cloth diapers. Haha, truly let's hope I find my identity in neither, but......good to know I'm well rounded, right?

Anyway, here's what you were really waiting for:

And these are a bit older, but because Ann Peyton does find her identity in her Rebel pride...

Wanna know what she was saying??
Okay, if you insist! Annie was just yelling, at the top of her lungs:
Hotty Toddy,
Gosh almighty

Who the heck are we?
Flim Flam, Bim Bam
Ole Miss, Yes, Ma'me! ***
She's getting pretty good at it, but she gets distracted and gets her lunch all over her face.

*** Peyton and I had a pretty intense discussion about when we should teach her the legit cheer. Probably not before three, but defiantly no later than six, it just depends on her maturity. I was about two when I learned it--you know about the time I could form sentences. Anyway, it's a really effective strategy for raising your own little Rebel; tell them the Hotty Toddy is the ONLY appropriate time to use profanity EVER and they'll be hotty todding all over the place!


Carrie said...

My hat is off to you for making your own babyfood and cloth diapering... you are a better woman than me! Haha.

Thanks so much for offering to help with party stuff! That's too sweet of you. Really I just need to get my house nice and clean, and that's about it. We're keeping things VERY simple. Probably too simple, but hey... she's one! :o)

mrsleahmaria said...

I defintely want to make our baby food as well and have the same reaction leading up to "cheap!" Lol