Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy Summer Days.....and Nights

Not so much to report in this "weekly happenings" post. As I've mentioned, Monday I meet with a group to plan for the new Mother's Morning Out program and Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment and lunch with fellow mommy bloggers. Wednesday was less than eventful, since I did not even leave my house. On Thursday Peyton had the day off and we kind of enjoyed being trapped inside due to the rain. Ann Peyton was delighted to entertain Cookie and her best friend, Caroline, as well. On Friday, we had our usual Red Beans and Rice date with my parents and on Saturday Ellis paid us a visit. Today we went to church and had dinner with our darling friends, Michael and Jamie, at one of our favorite restaurants, Amerigo. Ann Peyton was a delight as usual and they told us they were going to rush home to get busy working on their own babykins.......JUST KIDDING. However, I did get a text tonight, saying that my friend, Morgan, has gone into labor. I'm so ecstatic to meet Annie's new friend, Mary Milton! And her cousin, Simeon, should be here in the next week, too. I could not be more excited about these two little bundles of preciousness!

weekly family picture from last Sunday (July 26, 2009)

, Peyton is off and AP has her four month well baby visit (ahh, shots!) and then we are having dinner with our good friends, Patrick and Haley.

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