Monday, September 7, 2009

Life as of Late

I may just have to start numbering these "Weekly Happenings" posts. I'm running out of creative titles. Bummer.

A couple of things before I start my little recap:
-- I sucked again with my Goals this week. The thing I am the most disappointed in myself about is my Bible reading/prayer time. These last two weeks have been bad.
-- Speaking of, I really need to do another post about one of my goals, since I am going to blog about each of them. And I need to do another "25 Random Things" post.

Okay, now for "Weekly Happenings":

This week was slightly less busy than the last few. With the craziness of a massive two day long headache, our kitchen sink backing up and being totally nonfunctional for a few days, and Peyton filling in at a Walgreens in Forrest this week, I was really glad there wasn't too much scheduled busyness. It was also nice to have a low-key week before Annie and I start Mother's Morning Out this coming Tuesday.

On Monday morning, we had a meeting for the staff of the Mother's Morning Out program. It went well and I rushed home and picked up AP (Peyton had a really flexible schedule the beginning of this week since he was training) and dropped her off with my mom so I could get my hair cut and colored....feels SO good.

Tuesday was enjoyable because I stayed home ALL day. Sometimes, it's just good to have a day at home. Annie had her first taste of baby food and she loved it (I'll be putting up some more adorable pictures and maybe a video of it soon)! Peyton suggested we start with bananas, since we both love "naners" ourselves....definitely a hit. I'm planning on making my own baby food, and bananas were (obviously, if you've ever eaten one) super easy. Just cut it in half, pop it in the food processor and then fill up some ice trays. Lovely.

On Wednesday I met Carrie and Ashley at a consignment sale and dropped more money than I really care to divulge (but I got a bus load of stuff). It was so much fun going with my sweet friends and evaluating our potential purchases. Ashley did have to remind me not to over-analyze things......story of my life, right? I also took AP for her weight check and.....she is a healthy 11 lbs 12 oz. I really thought she'd be more from how she looks and feels (my dad guessed 15, COME ON, aren't men opposed to be "spatial"?). But Dr. Denney was walking by and he seemed very pleased, so I was excited.

Thursday we stayed at home most of the day, but Thursday night was the open house for Mother's Morning Out. Annie got to meet her teacher, or rather her teacher got to meet her and I got to meet the children in my class (they are all between one and two). I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Friday was fun. We went strolling Friday morning with Carrie and (ALMOST ONE YEAR OLD) Aubrey. Thankfully, we didn't see any rats this time. Equally as surprising, we didn't spend one minute discussing MckMama or any other blogger we don't know personally. Our husbands should be so proud (they think it's kind of weird to read the blogs of people you don't know).

Sidenote: Carrie and I always text back and forth about MckMama, Kelly, and whoever. Peyton totally makes fun of me for this. Well, the other day when Carrie saw Dr. McMinn (the OB we both use), she texted me. I told Peyton that Carrie texted me about our "mutual friend". Don't you love that our gyno is our "mutual friend"? She really is that great.

Peyton was off Friday so we spent most of the day just hanging around the house. We started a new (fun) activity of putting AP in the bathtub with one of us. I think it's so precious. He said he'd put on his bathing suit one time so I could put a picture on the blog......I just about cried I laughed so hard. He knows me too well. I started working on putting together Annie's Exersaucer that I got off eBay for a GREAT deal and of course the day ended with Beans and Rice.

Saturday Peyton had to work in Forrest, so I finished up the Exersaucer. Seriously, it took me several hours. But honestly, I kind of like doing things like that now--it's like a puzzle to me and I feel such a sense of accomplishment when it's finished. I know Peyton could have done it in about half the time, but I'm glad I did ALL by myself. I'm not someone who is terribly independent, and I feel SO good about myself when I do little things like that without help. My only regret is that I didn't take pictures of the "before"; seriously, there must have been sixty five pieces to the thing and at least that many screws. Oh well, next time.

Cookie was home this weekend, so she and Momma came over and we had a little fashion show with some of AP's new duds (seems to be a weekend trend).

On Sunday Peyton was back in Forrest. I was supposed to volunteer in the nursery, but there weren't many babies and they had it covered so AP and I just went on to church. Well, church is way easier with two parents. When she dropped her paci, I definitely just shoved it right back in. I'm sure everyone around me was like "What the heck, Momma? She's gonna get the Swine". Whatevs. I came home, mopped the floor, did laundry, read some depressing blogs (got to get a grip on my sad blog habit), and then went over to my parents' house. I caught the tail end of the Ole Miss game and then we met Peyton at Cock of the Walk for dinner. AP was in a foul mood so we didn't make it long. I took her back to my parents and feed her......nothing like fried fish rewarmed.

So, no family picture this week. Peyton's been in Forrest, so we decided to do our family picture tomorrow.


Ashley said...

I enjoy reading about your weekly activities :) I need to do a post where I show off what I found for EK at the sale! So fun...

Heidi said...

LOVE posts like this... le sigh, I wish we could be friends in REAL life.

Hehehehe-- I know, I thought of that too, but I couldn't think of anything else to say! Indeed, if it weren't for the gutter, my mind WOULD be homeless. :-)

Carrie said...

Haha -- the part about Dr. McMinn cracked me up! She really should be flattered! I agree that she truly is THAT sweet! :o)